Bob Lefsetz Keynote Interview with Pete Tong

7 June 2013

Controversial industry blogger Bob Lefsetz sat with IMS partner Pete Tong for an animated chat. Stand back! Lefsetz was his usual, brutally honest self. For many of us, reading Lefsetz be seduced by electronic music has been one of the highlights of recent years – and his words travel far and wide and up to the highest executive levels in the world's largest music companies. Bringing him back to Ibiza was a joy to watch…

Key topics were:

  • Electronic music and it's subtle climb to the mainstream. "The best thing about electronic music was that the mainstream was clueless. The fans owned it, just like rock & roll."
  • Investment in EDM: "If you get offered the cheque, take the cheque!"
  • Social media clearly having a direct correlation with the rise of electronic music: "Facebook has become passé. Get a website and Wikipedia," he said. "Also, take care of your core audience; play to the core. Don't worry about trying to get new fans, your core will take care of that for you!"
  • Being successful: "If you're not getting hate mail, you're nobody. The hardest thing to do is follow-up on success. And the longer you wait, the harder it becomes."
  • Download Vs streaming debate: "Forget piracy… Downloads… STREAMING WON!"