Blaise Bellville (Boiler Room) – IMS 2014 – Keynote Interview

10 June 2014

WHO: Blaise Bellville (Boiler Room) Interviewed By Ben Turner (Graphite Media / IMS Partner).

WHAT: A tell all interview about the phenomenal success of Boiler Room TV and its important role within the electronic music genre today.

HIGHLIGHTS: Blaise explained how it all started and where the concept was conceived. The thought process behind the music and how Boiler Room serves as platform for a world of music that wouldn’t normally get the exposure. Explanation about the artists they work with and the ethos behind why these artists get to perform on Boiler Room.


“We started to see ourselves as a keyhole into a remote music scene, allowing people from around the world to experience the music.”

“Our thing is actually serving a really under served market.”

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