IMS Engage returns to Los Angeles for its third consecutive year on April 15 2015 at the W Hotel Hollywood, for a series of conversations between leaders from the worlds of finance, technology, music and media to address the growing influence of electronic music.

The first conversation pairings announced for IMS Engage include hip-hop icon and Public Enemy co-founder Chuck D in conversation with Detroit born DJ, Seth Troxler, one of underground dance music’s most significant DJs and outspoken characters. Also announced was the pairing of Warner Music and DefJam label mogul Lyor Cohen, with 3rd Brain Management’s Jake Udell, a rising star in the music industry and manager behind two of EDM’s most explosive acts Krewella and Zhu.

Pairing Troxler and Chuck D shows IMS’ dedication to exploring contentious and important issues facing electronic music. In the face of increasing commercialism and the rise of EDM in America, many fans attending electronic music festivals and events, are unaware that electronic music originated from African American communities in Chicago and Detroit. The voices of these originators and pioneers are hard to find amidst the current wave of EDM superstar DJs, who have little in-common with the men who pioneered this music.

In Cohen and Udell IMS Engage is pairing the best and brightest of two generations and exploring the similarities and differences that exist between hip-hop’s growth in popularity in the 90s and that of electronic music today.

IMS co-founder Ben Turner states: “IMS Engage is all about the art of conversation amongst icons and influencers – and these first pairings including Chuck D and Lyor Cohen set the bar high for 2015. They are both renowned for not holding back, much like their electronic pairings at IMS Engage, Seth Troxler and Jake Udell. We expect intelligent, intense and humorous debates. More great pairings are set to follow.”

“I am truly honored to be give a chance to sit down in conversation at IMS LA with Chuck D, one of the true pioneers, innovators and rebels of the hip-hop movement,” said Troxler. “Back in the day artists like Chuck D had the balls and vision to thrust hip hop into the political domain and form a bridge between music and politics that I personally feel very strongly about. It’s going to be an interesting debate and I look forward to seeing my Dad Sherman sitting front-row as he’s a huge Public Enemy fan!”

Lyor Cohen has been one of hip-hop’s most important industry players, driving the hip-hop industry from the margins into mainstream culture. He made his start managing hip-hop artists for Rush Productions, before going onto oversee both Island Def Jam and Warner Music Group, ushering in multi-platinum artists like Redman, Method Man, Jay Z, Ludacris and Kanye West. Cohen also made pioneering digital deals at Warner with Spotify and YouTube.

Jake Udell is one of the most innovative managers in music today, overseeing the meteoric rise of Chicago’s Krewella, from a little known local group to a top 40 act in just 12 months. Only 25 years old, Udell founded and shaped TH3RD BRAIN into a thought-leading company that incubates and launches the careers of new musical talent, while simultaneously paving the way for young entrepreneurs with his #20something mentorship program. His team’s latest client is shaping up to be their next superstar, ZHU, who despite having zero releases as of one year ago now has a Grammy nomination and festival headlining slots.

Leader and co-founder of legendary group Public Enemy, social activist, author and digital music pioneer, Chuck D rose to acclaim in the 1980’s with a string of critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums that addressed weighty issues about race, rage and inequality with a jolting combination of intelligence and eloquence never seen before.

The New York Times has named Public Enemy’s music to their list of the “25 Most Significant Albums of the Last Century” and in 2005 The Library of Congress included Fear of a Black Planet in a list of 50 recordings worthy of preserving that year in their National Recording Registry. In 2013, Public Enemy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This year, Public Enemy’s “Say It Like It Really Is” provided the powerful backbeat to the trailer for the critically-acclaimed film, Selma.

Seth Troxler is one of underground dance music’s most vibrant characters, unafraid to speak out on contentious issues, such as commercialism, race and authenticity within electronic music. Perhaps most famously when he called Steve Aoki a ‘c*nt’ and Avicii a ‘modern day Milli Vanili’ at IMS Ibiza in 2014. Named as Resident Advisor’s No.1 DJ in the world in 2012, Troxler remains one of underground music’s most in-demand acts, playing over 150 gigs last year while operating three records labels, including Tuskegee, which he formed with The Martinez Brothers in 2014, to celebrate electronic music of black and Latino origin.

With its two previous events IMS Engage has emerged as a key event in the music North American music industry calendar. Previous speakers include David Lynch, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Hans Zimmer, Moby, Skrillex, Diplo, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom, YouTube founder Chad Hurley, Giorgio Moroder, Russell Simons, Jaron Lanier and many more.

This year’s summit has expanded to 350 delegates, tickets are available starting at $220

WHO: Dr. Gino Yu, PhD. Consciousness Researcher, Director of Digital Entertainment at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and founder of Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Association

WHAT: Dr. Yu draws on his thirty years of experience in consciousness research to take us on a whirlwind ride through centuries of mythology and ritual to construct a metaphysical case for what is happening in electronic music culture today. Joining the dots between music and physiology, religion and ritual, symbolism and faith; he explains why he believes the global explosion of interest in electronic dance music is the contemporary awakening of the ancient practice of achieving higher levels of consciousness through music induced trance.

HIGHLIGHTS: Why drug culture doesn’t work in Asia, the fundamental difference between East and West, what remains if you strip away the stories, art and rituals from religion and why no-one in Asia has invented a technology which has made a global impact in the last 300 years. Can we really engineer a culture that works for society today which combines music and art to generate a transformative experience for everyone’s mutual benefit? Watch and learn.


“You are the modern myth-makers and shamans and what you are selling is a new reality”

“To understand this and to engineer experiences based upon this knowledge is knowing the bigger picture of what’s going on globally”

“This is Religion 2.0”

IMS analyst, Kevin Watson, presented key findings from the Asia-Pacific Business Report at the December summit in Singapore.

Similar to the annual global version, the regional report focuses on 5 key areas – clubs, festivals, DJs, record labels, and region overall.

Watch the full length talk here

Early Bird badges are now on sale for IMS Engage which will return to Los Angeles, Wednesday, April 15th at the W Hotel Hollywood. Now in its third year, the LA edition pairs leaders from the worlds of film, finance, technology, fashion and music in un-moderated conversations to address the growing influence of electronic music.

Soon to be announced, pairings for this years summit will build on momentum of past conversations like the legendary director David Lynch with Moby, Diddy with Guy Gerber, and Skrillex with Summit Series co-founder Jeff Rosenthal.

IMS Engage 2014 Recap


IMS Engage

WHO: Steve Angello, former member of Swedish House Mafia. Interviewed by Pete Tong.

WHAT: The mild mannered Swede chats openly with Pete about the past, the present and the future; granting an insight into the challenges facing an artist trying to break into the booming Asian-Pacific market. He shares the game plan behind the making and launch of his first solo album, his hands-on approach to his recent BBC Radio 1 residency, the increase in opportunities for collaborating with global brands and the freshly inked deal for his new concept night ‘Reflections’ at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas.

HIGHLIGHTS: Buying himself out of his deal with Sony to appease his inner control freak, losing his shirt to put on a better show and then saying ‘no’ to the biggest pay cheque he had ever seen. He suggests a way forward for EDM, reveals his portfolio of non-music business investments and we discover the identity of his new mentor and life coach. Perhaps the biggest lesson anyone aspiring to success in the music business could learn here from a member of one of the biggest dance acts on the planet is one of humility.


On media rumours of a rift between the former members of SHM – “If I cared what people said about us in the media I’d just have stayed at home miserable and nothing would ever have happened”.

On his first album – “I just want to feel great about the music I make”.

On working with brand sponsors – “You have to make sure the message is clear and be true to who you are”.

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Happy Holidays from IMS

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IMS 2015

IMS has had a landmark year galvanising the Asia-Pacific region with our third concept, we would like to wish all delegates a happy holidays and a great new year.

A reminder that early bird discounts for Ibiza badges and hotels finish end of January and IMS Engage is on sale soon!

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Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is the first Hard Rock Hotel in Europe. A luxury resort with rooms and suites facing the sea, the biggest spa on the island, multifunctional space that includes a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options, and of course, staying true to its musical heritage, the hotel features live music performances by internationally renowned live acts.

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Attend IMS

Take a journey through the highlights of IMS Asia-Pacific that took place December 11th at the W Singapore-Sentosa Cove. An astounding success, IMS is set to return in 2015 at the same venue for a two day event.

This one day event brought together industry leaders, artists, and professionals from across the globe to discuss the future of electronic music in the region.

“…this is the most untapped market in the world”

Lincoln Chang (Owner, Zouk / ZoukOut, Singapore)

Insightful panels and keynotes inspired conversations and lasting connections were made – a momentous step for the IMS community into the final frontier of global electronic dance music.

IMS ASIA-PACIFIC was IMS’s first ever event in the region – taking place at the beautiful W Singapore in Sentosa Cove.

Industry icons from nearly all countries across the region attended this one-day event held the same weekend as the legendary ZoukOut Festival. The day took in keynotes, one-to-one interviews, business reports about the value of the region, and the odd bit of explosive words from a certain promoter in Korea!

The day started with the first IMS Business Report for the region (available here in its entirety) estimating that its value is 1/6th of the global electronic music market at nearly $1 billion.

"A significant number of Asia-Pacific clubs rank in DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs and boast the largest, fastest-growing social media fans in the world," said IMS Analyst Kevin Watson. "There are many large festivals across Asia-Pacific now, including Sunburn Goa, which is as big as Tomorrowland."

India alone was of interest to Watson in this report: "If penetration in India reached just half the USA's, it would be equivalent to 18 new festivals the size of Tomorrowland."

Sandy Monteiro challenged the electronic music industry in Asia to address the concerns over drug deaths at its events or forfeit the huge potential of partnerships with brands in Asia.

"Asia is at a tipping point for an EDM explosion,” he said. "The genre is the driving beat behind pop music and product sales. The top five countries for Universal Music streams in the Asia-Pacific region are Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.”

Dr Gino Yu inspired the delegation with a talk about transformational music – deciphering fascinating cultural differences, which could be challenging for the genre’s growth.

“EDM is the contemporary incarnation of global transcendental connectedness through music,” he said. “However, EDM in the West is tied to drug culture, and there is a lack of local talent, infrastructure, and models. There exist some cultural challenges, but plenty of new opportunities too!”

Artists Nervo and Damian Lazarus sat with local artists from India, Thailand and Singapore.

“It's important we don't focus on booking strictly huge international artists in India because we have so much talent,” said Indian DJ Arjun Vagale. “That is critical if we are to build our own healthy scene."

"25% of our performances have been in Asia the last four years," the NERVO duo told audience members. “It’s only going to get bigger.”

The two later encouraged promoters to have their own local talent headline major festivals in order to secure support of regional fans to allow their own scenes to grow. Both Damian Lazarus and NERVO made a call for new electronic music with flavors unique to each region across Asia-Pacific, encouraging native producers and music makers to ensure their region truly has its own sound.

Gilbert Yeung, owner of Dragon-I and the Tazmania Ballroom in Hong Kong talked to Chris Ho of Lush Radio about his scene.

“Hong Kong is a friendly open market, but it's getting competitive,” he said. “People have more choices; clubs must deliver higher quality.”

Promoters from global stature events from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Japan all discussed the huge growth they are experiencing. JC Ahn (International Director, VU ENT / Global Gathering / Life in Color, South Korea) challenged people for getting into the business for the wrong reasons with a torrent of harsh words.

"If you're doing this for money, for greed, to be cool… you're a dumbass,” he said. “You should not be in this scene if you're not going to have the heart for it."

With drug related deaths at dance music events being highlighted more and more by media, the panel decided to tackle the issue head on.

"The government in Hong Kong often addresses drug use though propaganda and not though education," said Jason Swamy, promoter for Do What You Love / Robot Heart, Hong Kong.

Frank Cotela (Onelove Recordings / SFX Totem / Stereosonic, Australia) had words for promoters supporting local, regional talent: "If you're a promoter, don't be afraid to support your local artists. They'll be making you your money in the long run."

“We've reached a point where a good idea, even if it comes from the North Pole, it can go global overnight,” spoke Andrew Bull (Director, Shine Communications, Shanghai) on how digital will only continue to be a driving force in the growth and advancement of electronic music culture.

Steve Angello then talked with Pete Tong about his passions and experiences in Asia-Pacific.

"If you remain true to yourself, there will be opportunities out there for you," he said on regional artists standing out and reaching a mass scale. Angello also expressed some frustration with the overall scene being complacent with music that isn’t pushing any creative boundaries.

"People have forgotten the essence of creating music," he said. "We're supposed to make music but if you don't challenge yourself, what's the point? Taking a risk in dance music today is not booking a pop artist. I think as a whole, we need to pause and think about our (scene's) future plans."

Richie Hawtin joined the debate about Get Played Get Paid hosted by the Association for Electronic Music – trying to ensure artist payments end up in the right hands.

“The more information we put out there, the more our scene can continue to grow and be independent," he said.

And the godfather of dance music in Asia-Pacific, Lincoln Chen of Zouk, talked with Paul Oakenfold about his opening years in 1987, the influence of Ibiza on his club and he was honoured with the IMS Pioneer Award for his work in the region.

And then to the parties, where Pete Tong played for the first time with daughter Becky Tong, then NERVO closed out the event at W Singapore, followed by Paul Oakenfold performing at Attica with a surprise opening set by Steve Aoki.

An inspiring start to IMS’s first steps into the final frontier of global electronic music…



Pete Tong, Iain Thomson, Stingray, Celeste Siam

22.00-23.30 Celeste Siam

23.30-01.00 Iain Thomson

01.00-03.00 Pete Tong

03.00-05.00 Stingray

Attica, Clarke Quay

IMS 2015




Pete Tong & IMS Partners




Presented by Kevin Watson (IMS Analyst)

DESCRIPTION: The IMS Business Report has become the defining word on the value of the global genre of electronic music. For IMS Asia-Pacific, IMS Analyst Kevin Watson pulls together the first attempt at assessing data available in this final frontier. The report will expand year on year as more focus is put on the report and the area continues to grow.




Sandy Monteiro (President, Universal Music Group, South East Asia)

DESCRIPTION: Electronic music is the biggest genre growth across Universal in South East Asia. Universal President Sandy Monteiro issues a keynote focused on how this growth can’t be done with the power of the major label – that the modern evolution of their role in the marketplace relies on powerful partnerships across many disciplines to help build a following.




Dr Gino Yu (Doctor of Music & Medicine, Hong Kong)

DESCRIPTION: “The EDM movement is youth culture having their first ‘unity consciousness’ experience. We are looking to re-mythologize this for Asia without the drugs. Music also has the opportunity to ‘heal’ and facilitate personal transformation. In Chinese, the word for Music and the word for Medicine are similar. Discuss…”




Arjun Vagale (Artist, India)

Celeste Siam (Artist, Thailand)

Damian Lazarus (Artist, Crosstown Rebels, UK)

Jeremy Boon (Artist, Zouk, Singapore)

Liv from NERVO (Artist, Australia)

Mim from NERVO (Artist, Australia)

= Moderated by Mr. Has (Artistic Director, W Singapore, Singapore)

DESCRIPTION: IMS puts together six artists from two parts of the planet to compare and contrast their worlds and look at how things are opening up for artists – drawing from global and local experiences to help inspire success. From NERVO to Damian Lazarus, expect a wide range of expertise. All hosted by W Hotels Artistic Director for Singapore, Mr. Has.




Gilbert Yeung (Owner, Dragon-I / Tazmania Ballroom)

= Interviewed by Chris Ho (Lush Radio, Singapore)

DESCRIPTION: Meet one of the major nightlife forces in the Asia-Pacific region. IMS meets Gilbert in a one-to-one interview with local radio broadcaster Chris Ho. Yeung talks about his huge success in Hong Kong, his incredible family background, and his big hopes for the future of the scene in his territory and beyond.



NETWORKING BUFFET LUNCH courtesy of IMS / W Singapore-Sentosa Cove

Hosted by the Association for Electronic Music




Dev Bhatia (Director, Unmute, India)

Emily Hou (Artist Relations Manager, A2 Live / Storm Festival, China)

Jason Swamy (Promoter, Do What You Love / Robot Heart, Hong Kong)

JC Ahn (International Director, VU ENT / Global Gathering / Life In Color, South Korea)

Mark Brimblecombe (Owner, Attica, Singapore)

Nobby Uno (Ultra Music Festival / Avex Music / Avex Group Holdings, Japan)

= Moderator: Kurosh Nasseri (Association for Electronic Music, USA)

DESCRIPTION: Asia-Pacific’s explosion is mirrored by the festivals that are now succeeding in China, Korea, India and beyond. IMS brings together leading lights from major territories to really examine how the region is changing and how issues such as health and safety will follow high standards set in other parts of the planet.




Andrew Bull (Director, Shine Communications, Shanghai)

Anthony Zameczkowski (Head of Music & Brand Partnerships, You Tube, APAC)

Brendan Long (Agent, William Morris Endeavor, UK)

Frank Cotela (Onelove Recordings / SFX Totem / Stereosonic, Australia)

Luke Nathans (Regional CEO, Iris Worldwide APAC, Singapore)

Trent Grimes (Ministry of Sound, Australia)

= Moderator: Tan Chee Meng (Director of Label Relations, Spotify, APAC)

DESCRIPTION: Digital is clearly responsible for the rapid-growth of electronic music in the region in the last decade and its now accelerating at lightning speed. IMS Asia-Pacific looks at how this will continue into the next decade and how to monetise it along the way, focusing on challenges in the region and, more importantly, the new opportunities.




Steve Angello (Artist, Size, Sweden)

in conversation with

Pete Tong (Artist, IMS / BBC Radio 1, UK)

DESCRIPTION: Steve Angello is now a solo artist post Swedish House Mafia domination of the region. Here he reflects on how to approach this huge market with a new team, a new approach and shares his experiences on the act’s huge explosion in this part of the planet.




Frank Rodi (Deputy Director Writer Services, APRA AMCOS, Australia)

Hideki Natsumara (Manager, Kuvo / Planning Section, Pioneer, Japan)

Ralf Kollman (Director, Mobilee Records, Germany)

Richie Hawtin (Artist, M-nus / Plastikman, Canada)

Wayne Lee (Head of Entertainment, Zouk, Singapore)

= Moderator: Mark Lawrence (CEO, Association for Electronic Music, UK)

DESCRIPTION: Association for Electronic Music is the trade body for the genre created by IMS partner Ben Turner and attorney Kurosh Nasseri. AFEM has launched a campaign title Get Played Get Paid, designed to ensure royalties flow to the current source of music creators. Here the campaign launches into Asia Pacific.




Lincoln Cheng (Owner, Zouk / ZoukOut, Singapore)

in conversation with

Paul Oakenfold (Artist, Perfecto, North America)

DESCRIPTION: Lincoln Cheng states: “Asia alone represents half the population of the world and is the fastest-growing and least-tapped market in the world. This is why IMS Asia-Pacific is very important.” Cheng has driven the market from Singapore for over 20 years. Today, he is interviewed by Paul Oakenfold – one of the first international DJ-s to focus on the region.




(delegates only)

DJ’s Pete Tong and Becky Tong

19.00-20.00 Becky Tong

20.00-21.00 Pete Tong

WOOBAR, W Singapore-Sentosa Cove




NERVO, Danny Fry (W Bali), Mr.Has (W Singapore)

21.00-22.00 NERVO

22.00-23.00 Danny Fry

23.00-00.00 Mr. Has

WOOBAR, W Singapore-Sentosa Cove




Paul Oakenfold, Iain Thomson, Celeste Siam

22.00-23.30 Celeste Siam

23.30-01.00 Iain Thomson

01.00-03.00 Paul Oakenfold

03.00-05.00 Iain Thomson/ Celeste Siam

Attica Nightclub, Clarke Quay

IMS 2015




Above & Beyond, Dannic, Loco Dice, Magda, Nicky Romero, Richie Hawtin, Steve Aoki, W&W

Siloso Beach, Sentosa

IMS 2015




Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee, Germany), Jeck Hyde (Singapore), Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut / Tsuba / Noir, France)

Azzura Beach Club




Maurice Simon, DJ Hong,

14.00-16.00 Maurice Simon

16.00-18.00 DJ Hong

18.00-20.00 TBC

WET Deck, W Singapore-Sentosa Cove




Damian Lazarus, Dubfire, Mano Le Tough, Martin Garrix, Maya Jane Coles, Nina Kraviz, Showtek, Skrillex, Steve Angello

Siloso Beach, Sentosa

IMS 2015




EJ Missy (Kyo / Loop, Singapore) & Casie Lane (Parental Control, USA), AND.ID – Live (Mobilee, Germany)

Azzura Beach Club

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza located on the beach front in Playa Den Bossa features 493 rooms combining the island’s Mediterranean flavour with the philosophy of the popular Hard Rock brand, as well as 235 suites and spacious facilities, such as the Rock Spa®, Body Rock® workout facility, 8,600 square feet of meeting space, iconic music memorabilia and world famous Rock Shop® featuring Hard Rock’s iconic merchandise. 

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Top EDM act NERVO, comprising sisters Mim and Liv NERVO, will join the diverse panel of speakers at the International Music Summit’s upcoming Asia-Pacific debut in Singapore.

NERVO’s inclusion in IMS Asia-Pacific 2014, which will be staged in Singapore at the W Singapore – Sentosa Cove on December 11, offers a perspective from within the Asia-Pacific region as the popular Australian sisters share their experiences as artists – from being fan girls at their local festivals in Australia to breaking into the industry to sharing the spotlight with the revered names they had once observed from the mosh pit.

The sisters, who are also acclaimed songwriters, have packed dancefloors with their infectious mix of pop-inflected EDM. In the last 12 months, NERVO have played in over 200 shows, including their residencies and headlining sets in major international venues such as new mega-club Hakkasan in Las Vegas and Ushuaïa at Ibiza in Spain.

NERVO will also be performing at the IMS Cocktail Party at W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, one of two official After-Parties.

IMS Asia-Pacific 2014’s panel of speakers – of which there are 25 – include renowned global acts and industry players from around the world.

IMS 2015

International Music Summit, the premier platform for thought leadership in electronic music, returns to Ibiza for the eighth annual summit on May 20 – 22. Artists, influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs, brands, aspiring newcomers in electronic music and technology visionaries converge for 3 days to join in conversations that will drive the industry forward.

A unique fusion of daytime panels, discussions, and workshops with evening dinners and official parties cultivates a unique environment where seasoned professionals and brilliant newcomers join in inspiring conversations, where spontaneous collisions lead to lasting connections, and where the future of electronic music is seeded for the coming year.

For the second year, IMS will be returning to host the summit at one of the islands premier locations, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza. Delegates, artists, speakers and press will have use of its state of the art facilities and can enjoy the surrounding offerings of Playa D’en Bossa – the new music hub of Ibiza.

International Music Summit Ibiza has grown to be the highest regarded music conference and marks the major opening Ibiza weekend with daytime summit activities and evening performances incorporating the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dalt Vila.

At IMS, a community is built that catalyzes inspiration, innovation, and lasting connections that drive individuals and the industry forward.


Save these dates for IMS 2015

Tuesday, May 19th – Night: IMS Welcome and Legends Dinner (tickets on sale soon)

– IMS Legends Dinner, in honour of a living legend who has significantly shaped the genre.

Wednesday, May 20th – Day: IMS Day 1 commences at Hard Rock Hotel

– Panels, discussions, workshops from inspiring industry leaders in electronic music and technology

Wednesday, May 20th – Night: "Back to Live" at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

– Live electronic performances at Hard Rock Hotel. NEW!

Thursday, May 21st – Day: IMS Day 2 continues at Hard Rock Hotel

Thursday, May 21st – Night: IMS Dalt Vila Event Night 1 – featuring the best in electronic music acts

Friday, May 22nd – Day: IMS Day 3 continues and closes at Hard Rock Hotel

Friday, May 22nd – Night: IMS Dalt Vila Event Night 2 – featuring the best in electronic music acts

Saturday, May 23: IMS Ibiza 2015 Closing Party. NEW!


Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is the first Hard Rock Hotel in Europe. A luxury resort with rooms and suites facing the sea, the biggest spa on the island, multifunctional space that includes a variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options, and of course, staying true to its musical heritage, the hotel features live music performances by internationally renowned live acts.

IMS Rates at Hard Rock Hotel begin from 181€ a night including free wifi and breakfast

Now – Jan 31st

Early Bird IMS Rate

Feb 1 – Feb 28th