Alfredo – IMS 2014 – Keynote Interview

28 August 2014

WHAT: The maestro DJ Alfredo opens a window into the world of Ibiza in times gone by. Following his humble beginnings as both Balearic baker and candlestick maker; from the first time Alfredo put his hands on a DJ mixer he never looked back. What was to follow would become part legend, part fairytale and would go on to shape the future of dance music in a way that no-one could ever have imagined.

HIGHLIGHTS: Alfredo, in typically mellow mood, shares his tales of how it really was back in the day. How the presence of English people on the dancefloor changed his sound, how he feels about the people that ”borrowed” his style and how he took revenge for his dismissal from Amnesia. He explains why he feels sorry for DJs these days, what Ibiza has in common with India and whose spirit he believes he carries inside him. A certain Mark Jones in the audience throws Alfie a typical curveball right at the end. Must watch.


To make them dance you have to tell them a story – “To make them dance you have to tell them a story”

On Amnesia in '88 – “There was love in the air”

On Ibiza now – “You move on or there”s no way out”