AFEM Presents Protect the Dancefloor from IMS Asia-Pacific 2015

27 January 2016

Electronic music is quickly amassing an enormous following in the Asia-Pacific region. It’s obvious that the industry has incredible potential to explode both financially and culturally, making this time important to bring together professionals with the right experience for a candid discussion about how to overcome challenges and make the most out of the opportunity.

The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) brought together a panel of powerful promoters and venue owners with the collective local and global experience necessary to discuss the region’s growth in a thoughtful way. From India, Akshai Sarin of was able to share his insight about his populous home country and hear from Western counterparts from Australia like Murat Kilic of Reckless Republic and Antonio Celestino from OneLove, both based in Australia. In addition, Rahul Kukreja of Livescape based in Malaysia was able to balance the conversation with yet another unique perspective of the diverse Asia-Pacific region.

Watch the full discussion above.