5 Music Technologies You Need to Know

5 April 2016

1. Crowdmix


Crowdmix is an innovative new social platform that centers around music. Presented as a smartphone app, Crowdmix has been called the “Instagram of music” and remains mum on more pertinent details as it nears a public launch sometime this year.

“Crowdmix is a disruptive new social platform that aim to connect the world through music,” the website describes. Essentially, Crowdmix hinges on the universally recognized factor of building a community around similar music tastes. Stay tuned for more developments from Crowdmix, coming soon.

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2. Richie Hawtin’s PlayDifferently


Richie Hawtin has always been a proponent of combining his knowledge of technology with his music. Most recently, he announced the launch of his own ‘PLAYdifferently’ music technology venture, a collaboration with Allen & Heath and parent company Audiotonix.

Though Hawtin has yet to release major details about PLAYdifferently, he explained his inspiration for the project upon its announcement earlier this year. “The ethos of Play Differently is to create products that will magnify the individuality and expand the creativity of today’s generation of electronic music artists, producers and DJs.”

Since, he’s embarked on a Prototypes tour, meant to test the forthcoming new Mixer to be released under the PLAYdifferently moniker.

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3. Splice


Splice is a tool that meant for the producer audience. The cloud-based application was created with the artist in mind, essentially offering a user-friendly way for producers to collaborate across the Internet and skirt issues related to sending large files and editing back and forth.

“Splice offers all of this and more in a lightweight downloadable client that acts as a bridge to a user’s digital audio workstation (or DAW) and an expansive, interactive web interface that doubles as a social network.”

The platform has garnered attention from leading artists like Diplo, Tiesto, Steve Angello and Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix’s manager, Scooter Braun.

4. Here Active Listening


For fans and industry professionals alike, arguably the most important and often overlooked concern is ear health. After a few shows spent too close to a bass-rumbling speaker, it becomes obvious that tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound heard even without music or sound playing) becomes a very real issue. Here Active Listening is a new invention created by Doppler Labs that is aiming to change the way fans hear and experience music while also protecting your precious hearing.

Through two wireless earbuds and its complementary smartphone app, Here “acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio.” Enhance or reduce EQ levels, apply effects to live music or sounds and control the volume of the environment around you through the Here technology and app.

Find out more about Here Active Listening.

5. Sonos


Sonos was created in 2002 in effort to change the way music could be experienced at home. Completely wireless and decentralized (utilizing one comprehensive smart app that can be accessed through smartphones or computers), Sonos has jumped ahead of traditional audio equipment by integrating streaming through an impeccably user-friendly design.

Sonos integrates search and stream capabilities from almost every popular streaming platform you can think of – Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music and Mixcloud are all embedded within the app, making finding and listening to hi-def versions of your favorite mixes and uploads easier than ever.

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