IMS Engage: Skrillex “IN CONVERSATION” with Jeff Rosenthal

3 May 2013

IMS Engage: Skrillex "IN CONVERSATION" with Jeff Rosenthal

The first IMS Engage took place on Wednesday April 17th at the W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. Presented by the International Music Summit from Ibiza, the event drew in global attendees from electronic music and associated industries. IMS Engage consisted of six pairings, a platform designed to show how far the genre reaches with speakers from finance, technology, hip-hop and beyond.

IMS Engage rounded off the day with Skrillex engaging in a highly passionate chat with Summit Series co-founder Jeff Rosenthal – one of the world's most unique event concepts. Skrillex discussed his ten years in the music industry before 'Skrillex', and that as recently as three years ago, he was $30,000 in debt, but then spent all the money he'd made from Skrillex on production for his first tour. Rosenthal echoed this sentiment, saying Summit Series events lost money on their first events, but are now building their own city in Utah. Quote of the session? Rosenthal: "You know how people say keep it real? Well don't do that, what you have to do is keep it surreal. And do things that are a little bit beyond everyone’s imagination."