10 Things We Learned from IMS College – Malta

4 July 2016

With the first IMS College now completed, International Music Summit looks back at the important take aways from the two-day, three-night educational initiative with guidance from some of the industry’s top leaders.

Here’s what we learned from the first ever IMS College in Malta!

  1. Passion is an important driving force to succeed in the music business. Ambition and work ethic go hand in hand.

    “Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life.”
    – Robert Horsfall, Music Lawyer, Sound Advice LLP, UK

  2. Internships are a good way of getting a foot in the door. Be willing to go the extra mile as hard work never goes unnoticed.

    “No one should be afraid of that journey of discovering what you love and trying new things.”
    – Eli of Eli & Fur, UK

  3. Social media is a vital way of communicating your work. Create and customize your own Facebook, Twitter + Instagram pages in order to impress potential labels, promoters + PRs.

  4. Personalize your approach. Take the time to tailor each email going out to be more impactful. A personal touch shows that you’ve done your research and that you are strategic.

    “Fundamentally, it’s relationships with journalists that are key. They’ve got to respect your suggestions and you have to target the right people in order to be taken seriously.”
    – Lucy Allen, Head of Festivals & Events Press, Listen Up Music Promotion, UK

  5. Fully immerse yourself in the scene and make as many real connections as you can.

    “I’m a great believer in community in clubbing – you need to support the people. If you can get great local support that will really help”
    – Wilf Gregory, Director, Hideout Festival / Lost & Found Festival, UK

  6. Community is key in the music industry. Be mindful not to burn bridges and always be open to sharing ideas.

    “If you’re open with working with other people, people are less likely to give you flack. Collaboration is always important.”
    – Joost Stuursma, EMC Head Lecturer, SAE, Netherlands

  7. Be consistent in your approach and have a clear vision.

  8. Ensure your work is the best it can be before approaching potential labels or PRs. If you don’t fully believe in it, it will be hard for someone else to.

    “Try and have your own unique sounds. Don’t pay for Soundcloud views, don’t pay for Facebook views – we can see it from a mile off.”

    – Mark Brown, DJ / Owner, Cr1 Records, UK

  9. The importance of a team is crucial in the early stages of a career. Share a vision with those you trust and can fully believe in your project.

    “You have to have your artists back, and it’s really hard to do that if you don’t respect and engage in the music they are making.”
    – Laura Newton, Agent, CAA UK

  10. Perseverance is key. Don’t be disheartened by knock backs, they can teach you lessons about the industry.

    “You have to understand the dance floor. You have to have the right connection with people. The longer you’re in it, the more people you will meet and the more you will understand.”
    – Mark Netto, Director, IBZ Entertainment, Spain