Additional panels and keynotes from IMS Asia-Pacific 2016 are now available on the International Music Summit YouTube page!

Rising Stars: Next Generation of Asia-Pacific

Global Power Players – Risks & Opportunities

AFEM Presents ‘Get Played, Get Paid’

Uniting the Nations: India & China

Keynote Introduction – Shailendra Singh

One of the most exciting panels of IMS Asia-Pacific 2016 saw Skrillex bring his core team along with him to the stage in Shanghai. With his manager Tim Smith, CEO and Founder of Blood Company Management, agent Lee Anderson of AM Only and general manager of his creative collective and label OWSLA Blaise DeAngelo and interviewed by Pete Tong, Skrillex discussed the thought process behind his international career and the adventures he and his team have had exploring and uncovering the foreign markets of Asia.
Watch the full Meet ‘Team Skrillex’ panel below and stay tuned for more panels from IMS Asia-Pacific, coming soon.

Major Moments from Skrillex, Alesso, Jolin Tsai, Chace and More

With a Special Boiler Room Debut from Skrillex

“This could potentially be the biggest market in the world. It’s that simple.”
– David Levy, Agent and Partner, WME

International Music Summit, the premier platform for thought leadership in electronic music, has concluded the third IMS Asia-Pacific and first in conjunction with A2LiVE and STORM Festival, at the Hyatt Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai. Across two days, Shanghai hosted top players in electronic music for important conversations about the business of electronic music and Asia-Pacific’s explosive industry.

“Over the past few years at IMS, it’s always been asked, who is going to be the first Asian star to break through, but we’ve been playing international stages for years. The fact is, is that it’s very much happening.” – Arjun Vagale, Artist, India

IMS returned to Shanghai in 2016 to unite the Asia-Pacific region and continue the effort to bridge electronic music industries across the East and West. This year, delegates from over 20 different countries heard from Skrillex and his team, wunderkind and newcomer Chace from China and were treated to a special collaborative effort from Alesso and mega-pop star Jolin Tsai.

In addition to the conference, IMS Asia-Pacific partnered with global platform Boiler Room for the anticipated Boiler Room debut of Skrillex, which took place at an intimate club here in Shanghai on Thursday evening. The stream easily became one of the most viewed and highest streamed in Boiler Room history.

Watch the full stream here.

Highlights from Day 1 included riveting statistics presented by Jonathan Serbin of Billboard Asia and David Boyle, EVP Insight of BBC Worldwide. David Boyle’s Audience Report pointed out incredibly promising statistics about the region. Google searches for EDM have risen by a whopping 18X in Japan and over 28X in China from 2013-2016, despite the country’s firewall against Google as a search platform.

See the full reports here.

“There’s universality about EDM. I haven’t been to a country yet that hates dancing.” – Jonathan Serbin, Head of Asia, Billboard

A panel of noteworthy Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific including Chace (China), Myrne (Singapore), Kaku (Asia) and more came together to represent the growing presence of local talents becoming more and more prominent in the Asia-Pacific region. Each shared their individual journeys of discovering a love for electronic music and discussed challenges of breaking through to the international scene.

“There are no Asian examples. That perception has to change – there is talent in Asia. We’re all sitting up here for a reason.”
– Kaku, Artist

“Best decision I’ve ever made? To not listen to my parents and keep producing.”
– Chace, Artist, China

See the full galleries here.

Day 2 of IMS Asia-Pacific saw an incredible array of power players on stage, including Amy Thomson, CEO of ATM Artists, Agent and Partner at WME David Levy, John Boyle, Chief Growth Officer and Interim CFO at Insomniac and many more. The revealing and candid discussion illuminated the still existing problems that remain at the forefront of the Asia-Pacific region, including the prominence of EDM as the preferred genre over more underground sounds, difficulties with releasing on labels in certain territories, hesitation to enter the market without proper education and guidance and the controversial heavy leaning on branding that the Asian market has become reliant upon.

“My worst fear is to come into a market that I don’t know well enough and come in, do a deal with a brand and leave a bad lasting impression.”
– Amy Thomson, CEO, Manager, ATM Artists

“EDM captures a populist movement. As it passes through, some people will be curious, some will not be. Event culture makes us a ton of money, but it doesn’t sustain the long-term culture.” – David Levy, Agent and Partner, WME

Team Skrillex arrived at IMS Asia-Pacific with an inspiring panel about the philosophies behind their creative collective OWSLA and the Skrillex brand and their experiences bringing a major international artist like Skrillex into brand new markets in Asia.

“It’s blowing up so fast, it almost feels like a frenzy right now,” Skrillex said of his experience being in Asia so far. “There are some really rabid fans here,” continued his manager and CEO of Blood Company Management Tim Smith. “It counts for a pretty big percentage of our business too. It’s a very real market.”

In addition, IMS Asia-Pacific partnered with Boiler Room for a very special Skrillex Boiler Room debut on Thursday evening in an intimate club in Shanghai. The stream quickly became one of the highest viewed and most streamed in Boiler Room history, and included Skrillex, Blaise James, Damacha, Cavia and Zean b2b Conrank.

“Part of the reason why we’re here too is to find out more about it. It’s been eye opening. We’re thinking about the future, the next two years from now.”
– Blaise DeAngelo, General Manager of OWSLA

Finally, IMS Asia-Pacific brought together Alesso and Asia’s mega-pop star Jolin Tsai for a prime example of what can happen when power artists from the East and West come together in collaboration. Alesso and Jolin announced their new collaboration “I Wanna Know” at IMS before discussing the eye-opening experience of working together and hopes for the future of both integrating Asian artists into the international world, and global superstars coming into the Asia-Pacific region. Later that weekend, the two performed their brand new collaboration for the first time at STORM Festival.

“I’ve never remixed a song that was in a different language besides English. It was really cool. This was the most different thing I’ve ever done.”
– Alesso, Artist


1. Impressive stats about the Asia-Pacific region

Delegates from all around the world joined us at IMS Asia-Pacific to learn more about the region that still remains distant for most. EVP Insight of BBC Worldwide David Boyle opened both days of IMS with insightful presentations that revealed surprising and impressive statistics about electronic music in the Asia-Pacific region.

In China, he discovered that searches for “EDM” had gone up 26X from 2012-2016 from Google analytics alone, meaning that the actual statistic is likely much higher due to China’s Great Firewall ban that prevents most of their population from using the search platform.

See both of David Boyle’s presentations here.

2. The “first Asian superstar”


“It’s much more interesting to find the first Chinese superstar than to market and sell already existing superstars.” Co-Founder of AFEM Kurosh Nasseri on the ‘Addressing the Challenges of Asia-Pacific’ panel

The conversation about cultivating and uncovering local talent continued from 2015’s summits this year. On an international scale, there still has yet to be a break out star from the Asia-Pacific region, but now more so than ever before, it’s become impossible to ignore the many rising stars that have begun to emerge.

Day 1 closed with an exciting collection of just that with the ‘Next Generation: Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific’ panel, which saw Myrne (Singapore), Kaku (Asia), DJ L (China), Minii (Korea) and Chace (China) come together and share their own journeys, challenges and experiences as young, up-and-coming artists in their individual territories.

“The perception has to change – of course there is talent in Asia. We’re all sitting up here for a reason.” – Kaku, Artist

3. IMS Asia-Pacific teams with OWSLA for Skrillex’s Boiler Room debut


Not too long ago, Boiler Room broke records by touching down in China for the first time with Disclosure. This year, the popular platform returned to the city of Shanghai with a special debut from Skrillex, also a speaker at IMS Asia-Pacific. In tandem with IMS Asia-Pacific and OWSLA, the event took place on the Thursday of IMS Asia-Pacific and was one of the most viewed and highest streamed Boiler Rooms ever.

Watch the stream here.

4. Team Skrillex discusses creativity and Asia

“There’s many ways I could quantify the ways we’ve grown, but that’s boring. For me, it’s been most exciting to watch the evolution of the brand. It’s been exciting for us to colorize that. It feels like OWSLA has a personality, a soul.” – Blaise DeAngelo, General Manager of OWSLA

Following an exciting evening at Boiler Room, Team Skrillex took the IMS Asia-Pacific stage to discuss what it has taken to develop and explore the creative power behind Skrillex and also bring him and his vision to Asia. Skrillex was joined by manager Tim Smith, OWSLA General Manager Blaise DeAngelo and AM Only’s Lee Anderson.

“We’re not financially driven, we’re adventure driven. Music and art driven.” – Skrillex, Artist

5. Alesso and Jolin announce a new collaboration

Alesso and Jolin Tsai closed IMS Asia-Pacific with an exciting announcement about their new collaboration called ‘I Wanna Know.’ The two came together on stage ‘In Conversation’ to discuss what it takes to bridge the gap between East and West in electronic music.

“I’ve never remixed a song that was in a different language besides English. It was really cool, to be honest.” – Alesso, Artist


IMS Tech Report

Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Day 2 of IMS Asia-Pacific kicks off with an in-depth look at the tech side of the music industry in Asia. How are streaming, video and messaging changing our world? How can we adapt to make the most of the new opportunities?



IMS Audience Report – Insight Into Asia-Pacific 2016

Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Diving deeper into an analysis of the region, BBC’s EVP of Insight David Boyle will deliver a cutting-edge analysis of audience trends for festivals, artists and genres in the region. Which audiences is electronic music reaching, and how can the industry better develop them?


Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Day 2 of IMS Asia-Pacific kicks off with an in-depth look at the tech side of the music industry in Asia. How are streaming, video and messaging changing our world? How can we adapt to make the most of the new opportunities?


Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Diving deeper into an analysis of the region, BBC’s EVP of Insight David Boyle will deliver a cutting-edge analysis of audience trends for festivals, artists and genres in the region. Which audiences is electronic music reaching, and how can the industry better develop them?



Line-up Features Skrillex, Blaise James, Zean b2b Conrank, Cavia, damacha

Thursday Sept 29th in Shanghai.


Skrillex will make his Boiler Room debut this week during a special live stream from Shanghai presented by OWSLA and IMS Asia-Pacific. The event will take place on the opening night of IMS’ two day event in Shanghai on September 29 and 30.

A truly global broadcast that will take millions around the world into China’s burgeoning nightlife scene, the Boiler Room session will be available on Boiler Room, Facebook (live), LeTV (for viewers located in China) and Daily Motion.

IMS Asia-Pacific will host a meet Team OWSLA panel during the Shanghai event, which includes some of the key players behind the success of Skrillex and his OWSLA imprint; Tim Smith (Manager), Lee Anderson (Agent) & Blaise DeAngelo (OWSLA GM). The panel will discuss the strategies, successes and challenges of taking OWSLA’s sound and style across Asia-Pacific.

Skrillex will perform with a curated selection of rising underground Chinese producers and DJs during the Boiler Room session. This includes Shanghai-based Rankadank label owner Zean playing B2B with his frequent cohort Conrank, Chinese beat producer Damacha known for fusing global bass music with traditional Chinese formats and turntablist and visual artist Cavia, a former DMC China winner who has spun with the likes of A-Trak, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash and more.

IMS Asia-Pacific, in partnership with Budweiser Storm Festival, will take place Sept 29 – 30 in Shanghai, China at the Hyatt on the Bund. IMS will gather global artists, thought-leaders and industry figureheads to explore the growing influence of electronic music and the issues, challenges and opportunities that face the industry globally and in Asia. 2016’s IMS Asian market focus will be Japan.


For viewers in China, watch it here:

Set Times – GMT +8 hours/EST + 13 hours

20:00- 21:00 – Blaise James
21:00 – 22:00 – damacha
22:00 – 23:00 – Cavia
23:00 – 00:15 – Zean b2b Conrank
00:15 – 01:15 – Skrillex

Eric Zho (CEO at A2 Live), Ben Turner (CEO, IMS / Graphite, UK), Marc Vedo (Artist, UK), Daniel Miller (Founder, Mute Records, UK), Annie Lee (CEO, Dream Worker, China), Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK) & More

Joining Skrillex, Alesso, Pete Tong, Jolin Tsai, Chace and Others

Panel Topics Include China The Disruptor, Australia In Crisis, Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific, Technology Patterns, Diversity, Rising Asian Talent & More

IMS, in partnership with Budweiser STORM Festival, announced the next round of speakers for the third IMS Asia-Pacific, taking place Sept 29 – 30 in Shanghai, China at the Hyatt on the Bund.

The new speakers join an already stellar list of participants including Skrillex (and many of the key players from his OWSLA label), Alesso, Pete Tong, Asian pop star Jolin Tsai, Chinese producer Chace, as well as executives from global touring powerhouse WME and labels Sony and Universal.

The additional executives added to IMS Asia-Pacific include Eric Zho (CEO of A2LiVE), Daniel Miller (Founder, Mute Records, UK) and Naoki Shimizu (CEO/Founder, Summer Sonic, Japan), Ben Turner (IMS / Graphite, UK), Chei Lee (CEO/Founder, Hongjie Li, (aka CheiZak) YEMA Live, China). Rounding out the artist side will be Marc Veno and Korean artist Soolee.

IMS Asia-Pacific will tackle the unique opportunities and challenges that EDM faces in the region. The speakers will discuss a wide range of topics related to the electronic music scene in Asia, focusing on a number of specific markets and particular issues affecting the industry. The event will touch on the live experience from a local and foreign perspective, Australia’s current dance crisis, the impact and uptake of streaming across the region, rising Asian talent and a host of other pressing issues specific to EDM in Asia-Pacific, including an IMS Business Report on China.

Full Panel Topics and Speaker List Below:


State of The Region with Billboard Asia
Uniting the Nations: India & China
Global Power Players – Risks & Opportunities
Technology Patterns in Asia-Pacific
Australia In Crisis
The Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific
IMS Business Report – Insight Into Asia-Pacific
China The Disruptor
Challenges in Asia-Pacific
Market Focus: Japan
AFEM presents Get Played, Get Paid
Influential KOL’s in Asia-Pacific
Hot Trends of Asia: SNS – Live Broadcast & Leasing Music Apps
Labels of Love: Keeping the Dream Alive
Breaking with Brands in Asia-Pacific
She Said So presents Diversity in Electronic Music

Full Phase Two Speakers:

Alan Deng (Director, Tencent Video Live Music, China)
Anish Sood (Artist, India)
Annie Lee (CEO, Dream Worker, China)
Arjun Vagale ( Artist / Director, UnMute, India)
Arsit Prachaseri (CEO, AG Productions, Thailand)
Ben Turner (CEO, IMS / Graphite, UK)
CheiZak (CEO / Founder, YEMA Live, China)
Christian Rijanto (Co-Founder / Managing Partner, ISMAYA Group, Indonesia)
Daniel Miller (Founder / CEO, Mute Records, UK)
David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide)
Davis Savril (KOL/Artist, China)
Dennis De Bruin (CEO, Alda Events, Asia)
Derrek Tsao (KOL, Music Journalist, China )
Dev Bhatia (Director, UnMute, India)
DJ Soolee (Artist, Korea)
Dope Lee – (KOL / Artist, China)
Eric Zho (Founder / CEO, A2LiVE, China)
Frank Rodi (Innovation & Electronic Music Specialist, APRA, Australia)
Hedy Lee (KOL / Artist, China)
Helena Legend (Artist, Australia)
Iqbal Ameer (CEO, LiveScape Group, Malaysia)
John Boyle (Chief Growth Officer and Interim CFO, Insomniac Events, USA)
Kaku (Artist, Asia)
King Arthur (Artist, Puerto Rico)
Kurosh Nasseri (Attorney, AFEM, USA)
Maggie Yu (Vice-President/Brand Director, Adidas, China)
Marc Vedo (Artist, UK)
Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK)
Miao Wong (Founder / CEO, dART, China)
MYRNE (Artist, Singapore)
Naoki Shimizu (CEO / President, CreativeMan Productions, Japan)
Nick Matthews (Agent, Coda Agency, UK)
Pep & Rash (Artist, Netherlands)
Prateek Pandey (Promoter, sLick!, India)
Rebecca Young (Agent, EMD Australia & NZ, WME, Australia)
Rob Schwartz (Journalist, Billboard, USA)
Robb Harker (Founder / CEO, Supermodified Agency, Asia)
Robert Zhang ( AB-Inbev, China)
Robin Leembrugen (Manager, Mad Panda Agency, China)
Sach Jobb (COO, iFlyer, Japan)
Samuel Wald (WME, EMD Bookings, Asia)
Sandy Chi (Chief Entertainment Officer, KuGou, China)
Sunny L (Director, Music Fest Asia & Xin Wang Group, HK & China)
Vlada Didenko (Senior Business Manager, A2LiVE, China)
Wang Lei (General Manager, Baidu Music, China)

Full Phase One Speaker List (previously announced):

Skrillex (Artist, North America)
Alesso (Artist, Sweden)
Jolin Tsai (Artist, Asia)
Pete Tong (Artist, UK)
Amy Thomson (CEO, ATM Artists, USA)
Shailendra Singh (Promoter, Percept, India)
Lee Anderson (Agent, AM Only, USA)
Tim Smith (CEO / Founder, Blood Company)
Blaise DeAngelo (A&R, OWSLA, USA)
Chace (Artist, China)
Nakadia (Artist, Thailand)
David Levy (Agent, WME, UK)
Jason Swamy (Director, WonderFruit, Hong Kong)
Lauren Rose-Kocher (Business Development, Sony Music Entertainment, Japan)
Murat Kilic (Artist, CEO, Spice – Reckless Republic, Australia)
Wade Cawood (CEO / Founder, Pulse Global)
Caralinda Booth (Artist Development, Universal Music, China)
Jonathan Serbin (Billboard, Head of Asia)


Get Up Close with Industry Insiders

After an inspiring and motivational day of speeches and panels during the day at IMS Asia-Pacific, delegates will receive another valuable chance to discuss and connect with industry leaders face-to-face at the IMS Networking Dinner. Dine, mingle and drink with professionals and resourceful insiders all while enjoying good music and nightlife of the city of Shanghai.

The IMS Networking Dinner is an extension of IMS Asia-Pacific’s daytime portion and offers a more casual, but still connected focus on the electronic music business and networking. The dinner will take place at the American Brasserie POP, allowing delegates and foreign guests to properly experience Shanghai’s renowned Bund view while in company of the industry’s greatest.

Seating is limited, so please secure your spot soon!

WHEN: 30th September, 8pm-12pm

WHERE: POP, 3 on the bund. Zhong Shan Dong Rd 7F (near Guang Dong Rd)

PRICE: 100€ / 745 RMB Per Person

INCLUDES: Free drinks all night (beer, wine, soda), casual dinner. Menu coming soon!

Do you dream of being part of the electronic music industry? Are you an aspiring DJ? Do you want to be a booking agent? A talent recruiter? Come to IMS Asia-Pacific this year and realize your dreams.

IMS is offering a special deal to STUDENTS ONLY. You will be able to purchase a delegate badge for 50% off, and in doing so, be offered the opportunity to stand at the frontier of electronic music in Asia.

IMS is one of the most esteemed conferences in electronic music. International Music Summit broke ground in Shanghai last year with it’s thematic “Awakening the Dragon” industrial focus. Not only did it open up the Chinese market to industry experts and celebrity DJs alike, it also opened a new chapter for electronic music in Asia.

This year, IMS is coming together again in Shanghai, not only to discuss the Chinese market, but to also address the entire Asia-Pacific region as a whole. Speakers this year include mega DJs Skrillex and Alesso, as well as Mandopop Queen Jolin Tsai. Top executives from labels, booking agencies, and clubs will be coming from all over the globe to discuss and engage in the most pressing issues facing the industry. This is a once in a lifetime chance to mingle with some of the most impressive individuals within electronic music.

In order to get the 50% discount promo code, please follow the steps below:

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  • Bring your valid student ID to IMS on the 29th, and pick up your delegate badge by presenting it to the registration desk.

We hope to see you at IMS!