1. The Continuous Rise of Dance Music Despite Major “Bubble Breaks”

As always, the 2016 Business Report (presented by Kevin Watson) was an enlightening and informative look at the electronic music industry as a whole. Despite major shifts in the dance music landscape (such as the fall of SFX and changes at Beatport) dance music as an overall industry continues to rise.

Today, the industry is worth $7.1 billion which is 60% more than just 3 years ago. In addition, dance music has continued to grow faster than any other genre in the UK while electronic music dominated Spotify across the board (with Major Lazer’s “Lean On” being the top streamed song).

2. The Beginning of Space Ibiza Was Not Easy

An undeniably huge topic for the island this year was the forthcoming closure of Space Ibiza. The iconic club has seen 27 years and built itself as much more than just a venue – rather, a legacy – and founder Pepe Rosello came together with longtime friend Carl Cox and manager Lynn Cosgrave for an emotional discussion and paid proper homage to the club.

“In the beginning of Space, we were not very successful and it was hard,” Pepe shared. But with the help of Carl and his incredible talent and “constant quality” that Lynn explained Pepe provided through almost 3 decades of operation, Space rose from a simple, struggling club to an iconic global staple of nightlife and dance music culture.

“27 years will remain in our memory forever. Big acts die at 27 like Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse. They die, but their music remains forever. So, for us, this 27 means that this is our last year, but all the sentiments, all the music will remain still. The spirit will remain forever.” – Pepe Rosello

3. Erick Morillo Got Really, Really Honest

Erick Morillo took the stage at IMS Ibiza to tell his own deeply personal story about addiction which spread across the web as the day’s undeniable headline. Morillo explained that his addiction to ketamine was spurred on by his wavering confidence as younger DJs began to grow in success at a faster rate.

“When all these young DJs were all of a sudden blowing up and eclipsing me – my ego couldn’t take it. My ego couldn’t take that I wasn’t the top dog anymore. That’s when things started to unravel. Then I started making music I didn’t love and playing music I didn’t love. That’s when things started to get really bad.”

After sharing shocking stories like being banned from British Airways, getting arrested and nearly losing an arm, Morillo explained that he attempted rehab three times before finally recovering. Now? He gave one general warning to everyone and anyone listening.

“One of the biggest things for me is that I never thought I would be that person. I used to watch the E! True Hollywood story and think, ‘How could they let their life go like that when they have everything?’ Don’t think anyone is immune to that. We’re all at risk. It’s just about dealing with your personal demons.”

4. Yello Made a Track On Stage Using Only Boris’s Mouth

There’s no question that Yello are a legendary duo not only for electronic music, but for the entire music industry as a whole. Their 1985 single “Oh Yeah” has become an iconic tune of the era, and if anyone had remaining doubts about the Swiss duo’s talents, Boris and Dieter sat on stage at IMS Ibiza and within seconds, recorded fun sounds made with their own mouths and produced a catchy tune on the spot.

Later, they discussed their forthcoming album Toy. “When Boris starts, he allowed himself to be driven by what happens in the process. Each brush stroke influences the next,” Dieter explained. “That’s why we called it ‘Toy’. It goes back to the creative. We’re using all the technology available, but approaching it like a child.”

5. Women of the Industry Ban the Term “Female DJ”

One of the most anticipated discussions of the day was the Diversity in Dance Music discussion, which saw female leaders in the space come together to talk about the issue of the lack of women in electronic music and how to progress moving forward.

The two DJs on the panel were B.Traits and Nicole Moudaber, who both were adamant to reject the idea of being labeled as a “female DJ” moving forward.

“There isn’t a ‘black DJ chart,’ Or ‘blue eyes’ chart. Why is there a female chart?” Nicole Moudaber asked.

6. Mixes Will Be Coming to Spotify

The streaming realm has become a crowded, busy space over the past few years. SoundCloud, which was an early leader, has since faced controversy with the rise of copyright takedowns and newly introduced paid access tiers. Spotify has become a major player in the game, but lacks the option of hosting mixes, which is an integral part of electronic music culture.

Dubset made the announcement of its newly inked deal with Spotify that will soon see mixes arrive on the popular platform. User-generated mixes will soon be available… keep an eye out for that coming soon.

7. The Pet Shop Boys Love Berghain

The Pet Shop Boys were the final keynote interview on the last day of IMS Ibiza, and indeed, the best was saved for last. The iconic duo discussed their prolific career in music and their newly found love for Sunday lunch at Berghain.

“It’s a very interesting combination of energies. Between the hardcore, all-nighters and the people just arriving,” Neil explained. “You gotta go Sunday for lunch. But of course, things will be going on in the basement…”

Later, the duo touched upon their early successes and shared a story about their surprise at being so well-received during one of their first festival performances.

“We never thought ourselves as a festival name. In 1997 we played at a theater and lost money. Our agent said if we played a festival, we’d break even. Then, we headlined a festival’s Saturday night and I remember somebody asked me “What are you going to do?” And I said, “I don’t know.” And suddenly we turned into a festival name.”

More than a few memorable moments took place on the White Isle at IMS Ibiza 2016. Several full talks have already been revealed here and here, and today another exciting batch of discussions arrives on International Music Summit’s YouTube page. From Space Ibiza to the annual Business Report, watch can’t-miss moments from IMS below.

Space Ibiza: End of an Era

Space Ibiza founder, Pepe Roselló came together with the legendary Carl Cox and manager his Lynn Cosgrave for an emotional discussion on the nightclub’s journey, unforgettable memories and a poignant farewell from Pepe to the club.

Vinyl Exchange: Seth Troxler In Conversation with Dave Haslam

The two engage in a nostalgic and deeply interesting chat about dance music’s history, its future and listen to a few of their favourite records together.

Mixmag presents The New Breed

Major on-the-rise artists Kölsch, Francesca Lombardo, Danny Howard and Danny Daze came together in discussion to talk about the challenges new artists face and in tradition, enjoy an Ibizan chupito of hierbas.

The Great Annual Ibiza Debate: Year 9

Pete Tong, Tale Of Us, Mr. C and more came together to discuss the changing landscape of Ibiza.

Business Report 2016

Kevin Watson presented the annual Business Report to kick off IMS Ibiza and explained that the electronic music industry is now worth $7.1 billion – 60% more than just three years ago.

Three days of IMS Ibiza saw memorable moments for the entire electronic music industry. Legendary artists like the Pet Shop Boys and Yello dropped in for revealing and rare interviews, important statistics about the business and its future were presented and current issues of the industry like drug-related deaths, streaming and diversity were discussed amongst global leaders.

Subscribe to see more full-length talks on International Music Summit’s YouTube page and watch the full discussions from IMS Ibiza 2016 below.

Striving For Excellence & The Art of Playing Differently

In response to the launch of Richie Hawtin’s own MODEL1 mixer by his PLAYdifferently, IMS Ibiza brought together Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Nicole Moudaber, Carmine Conte from Tale of Us, Black Coffee, and James Zabiela to discuss technology and thinking outside of the box.

Great Streaming Debate

Members of the streaming and digital landscape came to IMS Ibiza and discussed how the electronic industry is changing and where the future is heading.


Keynote Interview – Yann Pissenem

Founder of Ushuaïa Yann Pissenem has had major influence on the Ibiza landscape. IMS Ibiza welcomed him for a keynote on his plans as he prepares to take over the old Space Ibiza.

Ticketmaster Report – State of Play: Dance Music

Dance Music report provides essential intelligence about dance music attendees at festivals and clubs, with an in-depth dive through Ibiza’s nightlife aficionados to understand the overlap between the two types of destination. The Ticketmaster report is based on clubbers in the UK and Spain, and covers themes including attendee profiling, their demographics and tribes, who they go with, their motivations and preferences, barriers to entry, interests around music, clubs, other events, and up-selling opportunities.

Revisit the day of conversations from IMS Engage, held at the W Hollywood on April 21st, 2016.

Pete Tong In Conversation with Bob Lefsetz

James Barton In Conversation with Lee Anderson

Arthur Baker In Conversation with John Singleton

Ted Cohen In Conversation with Mike Knobloch

Marc Geiger In Conversation with John MacFarlane

Introduction from Matt Medved of Billboard


Including diversity discussion in association with Shesaid.so 

Diversity In Electronic Music: A Vote For Vertical Proliferation in association with Shesaid.so

B.Traits (Broadcaster / Artist, Canada)

Jackie Antas (Head of PR, Live Nation International, UK)

José Woldring (CEO / Founder, The Media Nanny, Netherlands)

Lucy Blair (Director of Sales &  International Marketing, The Orchard, UK)

Maria May (Senior Agent, CAA, UK)

Nicole Moudaber (Artist, UK)

Moderated by Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK)


Full schedule available to view here:


IMS Ibiza badge available here:

Tickets available for the IMS Dalt Vila party:

Tickets available for IMS Legends Dinner:



International Music Summit now finalises its schedule of iconic guests and speakers for the ninth IMS Ibiza programme, with the panel revealed for this year’s diversity discussion in association with Shesaid.so.

At the forefront of the conversation at this year’s IMS Ibiza will be the issue of gender equality within the electronic music genre. The discussion returns this year and is held in association with Shesaid.so – a carefully selected network of women with active roles in the music industry. This is the third time IMS curator Ben Turner has presented this discussion. The panel will be a highlight of the event, promising a full and frank discussion; with keynote speakers taking part consisting of B. Traits, Media Nanny CEO José Woldring, Motive Unknown Director Lucy Blair, Senior Agent of CAA Maria May and prominent artist and label boss Nicole Moudaber.

Ben Turner states: “We have a huge responsibility to reflect the industry we work in fairly and accurately. IMS has actually put this debate on the table more than most and I made a commitment late last year – to a number of women in our genre – that I would run this panel every year until the time comes when we don’t need to speak about it again. I hope that day comes soon for the right reasons. Thanks to the likes of Shesaid.so, people are addressing the situation positively and we hope that IMS can help amplify their platforms. We need to encourage more women into the genre, and into positions of seniority. Also, we somehow need to encourage those in positions of seniority to be prepared to use their voice more to help inspire the next generation.”

With all the panels now assembled and the latest additions confirmed, this meeting of minds will once more take in a broad selection of contributers from across electronic music. Film, documentary and music video director Julien Temple joins the cast with insight from across a career spanning back to the 1970s, working with diverse acts the likes of The Sex Pistols, Ray Davies and Madness, also covering divergent topics including the ‘Motor City’ in Requiem For Detroit? Temple announces exclusively at IMS full details about his new film project based on the island of Ibiza.

Joining a lineup already full of prominent artists are Joseph Capriati and Kölsch. The former is well known for being one of the driving forces behind the explosion of Marco Carola’s ‘Music On’ nights at Amnesia in Ibiza; a cultivated resident, he is now an internationally in-demand headline act. In the year that Capriati leaves Music On to join Paradise by Jamie Jones, he talks to IMS about the issues facing the Italian club scene with recent drug deaths and forced closures. Meanwhile, Kolsch hardly needs an introduction – his unique, emotive production style, as evidenced by his two landmark albums 1977 and 1983, means he is loved by critics and newcomers to the genre alike.

IMS Ibiza has also made space for a particularly special speaker on a subject close to Pete Tong’s heart; composer and conductor of the Ibiza Prom Jules Buckley. The prodigious musician has an ear for non-classical crossover, which has led to him working with Basement Jaxx, Massive Attack, Cinematic Orchestra and scores of others. Together, they performed at the Royal Albert Hall as a counter-culture performance to the main BBC Proms. It was a huge success and Tong has since announced shows at London’s 02 and Manchester Arena. The former sold 15,000 tickets in one day!

The industry is roundly in attendance with a roll call of top figures; amongst the latest and final speakers is the founder of Spinnin’ Records, Eelko van Kooten. With some forty sub-labels and branches into almost every element of electronic music, Eelko has spent 17 years at the forefront of the scene. Another musical entrepreur with a diverse background in dance music is Matthew Adell – the former CEO of Beatport, former Vice President at Napster, MusicNow.com and Wax Trax! Records, who is currently pioneering the ‘momentous’ in music with MetaPop.com. Eric Zho, one of China’s most commercially influential entertainment executives, will talk about IMS Asia-Pacific as it prepares to move to Shanghai.

Additional names for the final release are as follows:

Julien Temple (Film Director, UK)

Joseph Capriati (Artist, Italy)

Kölsch (Artist, Denmark)

Eelko Van Kooten (Spinnin’ Records, Holland)

Eric Zho (CEO, A2Live, China)

Shauna Slevin (Managing Director, Canopy Artists, USA )

Matthew Adell (CEO, MetaPop, USA)

Bob Barbiere (President & COO, Dubset Media Holdings, USA)

Jules Buckley (Conductor / Composer, Pete Tong’s Ibiza Prom, UK)

Jörg Mohaupt (Access Industries, UK)

Bobby Simms (Emoticast, France)

Ted Mico (Crowdmix, USA)

Nick Yates (Promoter, Paradise, UK)

Joshua Carr-Hilton (CEO, The District, Canada)

Sophie Crosby (Ticketmaster, UK)

Aurelien Dubois (Promoter / CEO, Surprize: Concrete & Weather Festival, France)

Tommy Vaudecrane (President, Paris Electronic Week, France)

Danny Desai (Digital Marketing Manager, Virgin EMI, UK)

Derren Sequeira (Entertainment Lead, Facebook, UK)

Sally Burtt-Jones (Content Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Viber, UK)

Gareth Williams (CEO, Liine / Skram, Germany)

Jamie Chalmers (Anglo Digital Management, UK)

Alex Rub (Label Manager, Outcross Records, France)

Antoine Buffard (CEO, Trax Magazine, France)

Craig McLean (Journalist, UK)

Grego O’Halloran (Director, Ibiza Spotlight, Spain)

Nick Decosemo (Global Editorial Director, Mixmag, US)

Noah Ball (Dimensions Festival, Croatia / UK)

Sophie Bloggs (Machine Management, UK)

Lucy Blair (Director of International Sales & Marketing at The Orchard, UK)

Dubfire’s critically acclaimed live project dubfire:liveHYBRID is heading to Ibiza for it’s debut performance on the Island for International Live Summit closing party at the historic, UNESCO World Heritage Dalt Vila site.

Never satisfied with the status quo, Dubfire spent two years crafting a live show; his HYBRID concept has been wowing audiences since its soft launch debut at the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2014. Described by Thump as, “unlike anything we had previously seen or heard before anywhere,” HYBRID reinvents the concert experience by seamlessly weaving together elements of 2D and 3D animation with live audio and lighting to explore the intersection of science and technology – of man and machine – and their resulting evolution and inevitable fusion. After touring 12 different countries in 2015, and receiving rave reviews at Coachella, the critically acclaimed show will touch down at more of the biggest events across the globe.

Says Dubfire: “I’d always intended for my music to be performed live, supported by the latest advancements in music, stage design, lighting and sound technology. It took me years to build up a body of work that I’m proud to stand behind and find the team to create the HYBRID show. It’s been an incredibly inspiring ride and I’m tremendously excited to finally bring the show to the fans who continue to support me and my sound.”



In addition to 20 previously announced artist and 20 industry icon speakers, IMS Ibiza is excited to share the final installment of speakers for the three-day summit happening at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza from May 25th through 27th.

Major artists like Joseph Capriati and Kölsch join previously unveiled artists like Carl CoxRichie Hawtin, Nicole Moudaber, Dubfire and many more while the industry tip sees representatives from Spinnin’ Records and SoundCloud join the discussions.

The complete schedule for IMS Ibiza will be announced soon! Stay tuned.

IMS Ibiza Speakers A-Z


Carl Cox
Danny Daze
Danny Howard
Dave Haslam
Erick Morillo
Francesca Lombardo
Gary Richards
Guy Gerber
Jason Bentley
Joseph Capriati
Mr C
Nicole Moudebar
Pet Shop Boys
Pete Tong
Richie Hawtin
Seth Troxler
Tale of Us (Carmine Conte & Matteo Milleri)


Alex Rub (Label Manager, Outcross Records, France)
Alexandre Jaillon (Promoter / CEO, We Love: We Love Art & We Love Green & The Peacock Society, France)
Antoine Buffard (CEO, Trax Magazine, France)
Aurelien Dubois (Promoter / CEO, Surprize: Concrete & Weather Festival, France)
Austin Gebbia aka Dear Morni (Comedian, Dear Morni, USA)
Bart Cools (Executive VP Global A&R and Marketing, Warner Music Group, UK/NL)
Bob Barbiere (President & COO, Dubset Media Holdings, USA)
Bobby Simms (Emoticast, UK)
Brandon Bakshi (Executive Director, Writer / Publisher Relations, BMI / Performance Rights, Europe & Asia)
Brian Tappert (Co-Founder, / Managing Director, Traxsource, USA)
Craig McLean (Journalist, UK)
Danny Desai (Digital Marketing Manager, Virgin EMI, UK)
Derren Sequeira (Entertainment Lead, Facebook, UK)
Eelko Van Kooten (Spinnin’ Records, Holland)
Eric Wahlforss (CTO / Co-Founder, SoundCloud, USA)
Eric Zho (CEO, A2Live, China)
Gareth Williams (CEO, Liine / Skram, Germany)
Grego O’Halloran (Director, Ibiza Spotlight, Spain)
Jacobi Calthorpe (Promoter, Housekeeping, UK)
Jamie Chalmers (Anglo Digital Management, UK)
Jessica Hopper (Author, USA)
Jörg Mohaupt (Access Industries, UK)
José Woldring (CEO / Founder of The Media Nanny, NL)
Joseph Capriati (Artist, Italy)
Joshua Carr-Hilton (CEO, The District, Canada)
Jules Buckley (Conductor / Composer, Pete Tong’s Ibiza Prom, UK)
Julien Temple (Film Director, UK)
Kenny Gates (CEO / Co-Founder, PIAS Group, Keynote Address, Belgium)
Lucy Blair (Director of International Sales & Marketing at The Orchard)
Lynn Cosgrave (CEO, Safehouse Management, UK)
Maria May (Senior Agent, CAA, UK)
Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK)
Matthew Adell (CEO, MetaPop, USA)
Mike Malak (Agent, Coda Agency, UK)
Nick Decosemo (Mixmag, UK)
Nick Yates (Promoter, Paradise, UK)
Noah Ball (Dimensions Festival, Croatia / UK)
Pepe Roselló (Founder, Club Owner, Space Ibiza, Spain)
Renaat Vandepapeliere (Founder, R&S Records, Belgium)
Robert Miles (Founder, Openlab, Ibiza. Its All About Curation, Ibiza)
Sally Burtt-Jones (Content Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, Viber, UK)
Shauna Slevin (Managing Director, Canopy Artists, USA )
Sophie Bloggs (Machine Management, UK)
Sophie Crosby (Ticketmaster, UK)
Ted Mico (Crowdmix, USA)
Tommy Vaudecrane (President, Paris Electronic Week)
Yann Pissenan (Founder / CEO, Ushuaia, Spain)

IMS Ibiza announce the return of ‘BACK2LIVE’, a salute to breakthroughs of the live electronic scene




Free admission!

Wednesday 26th May, 2016

8pm – Midnight

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza

Limited IMS Ibiza badges available here: www.internationalmusicsummit.com/attend/ 

IMS continues to offer Ibiza residents 50% delegate badges with proof of residency email: info@internationalmusicsummit.com 

With 3 weeks to go, International Music Summit continue to elevate the innovators of the electronic music industry with ‘Back2Live’, the returning showcase dedicated to breakthrough artists of the live stage.

Taking place at the base camp of the conference at Hard Rock Hotel on 26th May, Stimming claims the top of the bill after the release of high-concept album ‘Alpe Lusia’. Recorded in isolation in an Alpine hut away from the world, then performed with the same level of immersion through a 4D sound system, this electronic explorer is known for his live intimacy. Experimentation in sound are the forte of the other selections too, with Sea Bed and Szjerdene also featuring – the former are in no way a house band, neither a strictly House act, and have crafted a string of hook-laden tunes with recent Annie Mac support.

Bolstering the night with traditional setups still offering the same electronic exploration, come two UK bands – Delamere and Our Future Glory – who bring dance fusions as raucous as a Rock concert, resplendent in anthemic highs and synthesized swells. These high-energy, electronic ensembles promise to deliver a powerful show, with a stage presence that is proof to the ‘Back2Live’ statement.

With free entry offered to all, other events on the schedule include the incredible Dalt Vila party at the island’s historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, IMS Business Report for 2016 and the prestigious Legends Dinner – with various networking sessions hosted by Ultra Records and Pioneer DJ. This year too the IMS Pioneer Award will make a return, the award previously awarded to long-term manager of industry greats Frankie Knuckles and David Morales Judy Weinstein.

IMS partner Danny Whittle explains,

“IMS are very excited for this years Back2Live line up, with a real mix of electronica and indie guitar sounds. We really think it’s important to show the links and growth of more live elements within electronic music, and to also give a stage to upcoming new bands to showcase their talents to a very musically aware audience and music industry professionals”

Over the next two weeks IMS will be revealing the Talks from IMS Engage for all those who want to relive these compelling conversations. Starting today we relive Pete Tong In Conversation with Bob Lefsetz and James Barton In Conversation with Lee Anderson.

Pete Tong In Conversation with Bob Lefsetz

IMS Engage 2016 saw revered broadcaster, artist and voice of dance music Pete Tong in conversation with renowned author Bob Lefsetz. The discussion covered a range of topics including SFX and the state of ‘EDM’, Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza,” and the next generation of industry professionals.

James Barton In Conversation with Lee Anderson

At IMS Engage 2016, President of Electronic Music at Live Nation James Barton sat down in conversation with VP (East Coast) of AM Only Lee Anderson. The rare pairing put promoter and agent in conversation with one another and covered topics from up-and-coming producers to the idea of the DJ as the new rockstar.

IMS Engage welcomes its next speaker pairing!

Pete Tong, Broadcaster, Artist / BBC, WME In Conversation with Bob Lefsetz, Author / ‘The Lefsetz Letter’

Pete Tong is omnipresent in any conversation about dance music, and IMS Engage is no different. Bringing his insight as a broadcaster, artist, DJ / producer and tastemaker through his Essential Selection show on BBC Radio 1, Pete Tong descends upon IMS Engage to help navigate a discussion about electronic music today.

Bob Lefsetz will join Pete In Conversation on April 21st, bringing his knowledge and stature as an industry staple. Author of the renowned newsletter series ‘The Lefsetz Letter’ and famously unabashed, Bob brings his knowledge as a former entertainment business attorney and fearlessness to comment on the state of the industry to IMS Engage this year. Topics up for discussion between Pete Tong and Bob Lefsetz will range from streaming to Las Vegas to the ever-controversial “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”

Pete Tong and Bob Lefsetz join IMS’ already announced speakers, Marc Geiger, Head of Music at WME In Conversation with John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos and James Barton, President of Electronic Music at Live Nation In Conversation with Lee Anderson, VP (East Coast) of AM Only.

Capacity is limited but some badges remain. Secure yours today!

Attend IMS Ibiza


There are only two weeks left until the beginning of IMS’ calendar year, which lands in Los Angeles on April 21st at the W Hollywood Hotel.

The first speaker pairings for IMS Engage have been announced:

  • Marc Geiger, Head of Music at WME In Conversation with John MacFarlane, CEO of Sonos
  • James Barton, President of Electronic Music at Live Nation In Conversation with Lee Anderson, VP (East Coast) of AM Only

and more are coming soon.

Lock in your seat for the one-day event at the W Hollywood Hotel!

Attend IMS Ibiza


1. Crowdmix


Crowdmix is an innovative new social platform that centers around music. Presented as a smartphone app, Crowdmix has been called the “Instagram of music” and remains mum on more pertinent details as it nears a public launch sometime this year.

“Crowdmix is a disruptive new social platform that aim to connect the world through music,” the website describes. Essentially, Crowdmix hinges on the universally recognized factor of building a community around similar music tastes. Stay tuned for more developments from Crowdmix, coming soon.

Hear from CEO of Crowdmix Rob Wells at IMS Ibiza from May 25th through 27th!


2. Richie Hawtin’s PlayDifferently


Richie Hawtin has always been a proponent of combining his knowledge of technology with his music. Most recently, he announced the launch of his own ‘PLAYdifferently’ music technology venture, a collaboration with Allen & Heath and parent company Audiotonix.

Though Hawtin has yet to release major details about PLAYdifferently, he explained his inspiration for the project upon its announcement earlier this year. “The ethos of Play Differently is to create products that will magnify the individuality and expand the creativity of today’s generation of electronic music artists, producers and DJs.”

Since, he’s embarked on a Prototypes tour, meant to test the forthcoming new Mixer to be released under the PLAYdifferently moniker.

Hear from Richie Hawtin at IMS Ibiza from May 25th through May 27th!

3. Splice


Splice is a tool that meant for the producer audience. The cloud-based application was created with the artist in mind, essentially offering a user-friendly way for producers to collaborate across the Internet and skirt issues related to sending large files and editing back and forth.

“Splice offers all of this and more in a lightweight downloadable client that acts as a bridge to a user’s digital audio workstation (or DAW) and an expansive, interactive web interface that doubles as a social network.”

The platform has garnered attention from leading artists like Diplo, Tiesto, Steve Angello and Justin Bieber and Martin Garrix’s manager, Scooter Braun.

4. Here Active Listening


For fans and industry professionals alike, arguably the most important and often overlooked concern is ear health. After a few shows spent too close to a bass-rumbling speaker, it becomes obvious that tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound heard even without music or sound playing) becomes a very real issue. Here Active Listening is a new invention created by Doppler Labs that is aiming to change the way fans hear and experience music while also protecting your precious hearing.

Through two wireless earbuds and its complementary smartphone app, Here “acts as a studio in your ears by providing you with a volume knob, equalizer and effects to transform real world audio.” Enhance or reduce EQ levels, apply effects to live music or sounds and control the volume of the environment around you through the Here technology and app.

Find out more about Here Active Listening.

5. Sonos


Sonos was created in 2002 in effort to change the way music could be experienced at home. Completely wireless and decentralized (utilizing one comprehensive smart app that can be accessed through smartphones or computers), Sonos has jumped ahead of traditional audio equipment by integrating streaming through an impeccably user-friendly design.

Sonos integrates search and stream capabilities from almost every popular streaming platform you can think of – Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music and Mixcloud are all embedded within the app, making finding and listening to hi-def versions of your favorite mixes and uploads easier than ever.

Hear from CEO of Sonos John MacFarlane In Conversation with Marc Geiger, Head of Music at WME at IMS Engage on April 21st!