IMS Tech Report

Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Day 2 of IMS Asia-Pacific kicks off with an in-depth look at the tech side of the music industry in Asia. How are streaming, video and messaging changing our world? How can we adapt to make the most of the new opportunities?



IMS Audience Report – Insight Into Asia-Pacific 2016

Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Diving deeper into an analysis of the region, BBC’s EVP of Insight David Boyle will deliver a cutting-edge analysis of audience trends for festivals, artists and genres in the region. Which audiences is electronic music reaching, and how can the industry better develop them?


Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Day 2 of IMS Asia-Pacific kicks off with an in-depth look at the tech side of the music industry in Asia. How are streaming, video and messaging changing our world? How can we adapt to make the most of the new opportunities?


Presented by David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide, UK)

Diving deeper into an analysis of the region, BBC’s EVP of Insight David Boyle will deliver a cutting-edge analysis of audience trends for festivals, artists and genres in the region. Which audiences is electronic music reaching, and how can the industry better develop them?



Line-up Features Skrillex, Blaise James, Zean b2b Conrank, Cavia, damacha

Thursday Sept 29th in Shanghai.


Skrillex will make his Boiler Room debut this week during a special live stream from Shanghai presented by OWSLA and IMS Asia-Pacific. The event will take place on the opening night of IMS’ two day event in Shanghai on September 29 and 30.

A truly global broadcast that will take millions around the world into China’s burgeoning nightlife scene, the Boiler Room session will be available on Boiler Room, Facebook (live), LeTV (for viewers located in China) and Daily Motion.

IMS Asia-Pacific will host a meet Team OWSLA panel during the Shanghai event, which includes some of the key players behind the success of Skrillex and his OWSLA imprint; Tim Smith (Manager), Lee Anderson (Agent) & Blaise DeAngelo (OWSLA GM). The panel will discuss the strategies, successes and challenges of taking OWSLA’s sound and style across Asia-Pacific.

Skrillex will perform with a curated selection of rising underground Chinese producers and DJs during the Boiler Room session. This includes Shanghai-based Rankadank label owner Zean playing B2B with his frequent cohort Conrank, Chinese beat producer Damacha known for fusing global bass music with traditional Chinese formats and turntablist and visual artist Cavia, a former DMC China winner who has spun with the likes of A-Trak, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash and more.

IMS Asia-Pacific, in partnership with Budweiser Storm Festival, will take place Sept 29 – 30 in Shanghai, China at the Hyatt on the Bund. IMS will gather global artists, thought-leaders and industry figureheads to explore the growing influence of electronic music and the issues, challenges and opportunities that face the industry globally and in Asia. 2016’s IMS Asian market focus will be Japan.


For viewers in China, watch it here:

Set Times – GMT +8 hours/EST + 13 hours

20:00- 21:00 – Blaise James
21:00 – 22:00 – damacha
22:00 – 23:00 – Cavia
23:00 – 00:15 – Zean b2b Conrank
00:15 – 01:15 – Skrillex

Eric Zho (CEO at A2 Live), Ben Turner (CEO, IMS / Graphite, UK), Marc Vedo (Artist, UK), Daniel Miller (Founder, Mute Records, UK), Annie Lee (CEO, Dream Worker, China), Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK) & More

Joining Skrillex, Alesso, Pete Tong, Jolin Tsai, Chace and Others

Panel Topics Include China The Disruptor, Australia In Crisis, Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific, Technology Patterns, Diversity, Rising Asian Talent & More

IMS, in partnership with Budweiser STORM Festival, announced the next round of speakers for the third IMS Asia-Pacific, taking place Sept 29 – 30 in Shanghai, China at the Hyatt on the Bund.

The new speakers join an already stellar list of participants including Skrillex (and many of the key players from his OWSLA label), Alesso, Pete Tong, Asian pop star Jolin Tsai, Chinese producer Chace, as well as executives from global touring powerhouse WME and labels Sony and Universal.

The additional executives added to IMS Asia-Pacific include Eric Zho (CEO of A2LiVE), Daniel Miller (Founder, Mute Records, UK) and Naoki Shimizu (CEO/Founder, Summer Sonic, Japan), Ben Turner (IMS / Graphite, UK), Chei Lee (CEO/Founder, Hongjie Li, (aka CheiZak) YEMA Live, China). Rounding out the artist side will be Marc Veno and Korean artist Soolee.

IMS Asia-Pacific will tackle the unique opportunities and challenges that EDM faces in the region. The speakers will discuss a wide range of topics related to the electronic music scene in Asia, focusing on a number of specific markets and particular issues affecting the industry. The event will touch on the live experience from a local and foreign perspective, Australia’s current dance crisis, the impact and uptake of streaming across the region, rising Asian talent and a host of other pressing issues specific to EDM in Asia-Pacific, including an IMS Business Report on China.

Full Panel Topics and Speaker List Below:


State of The Region with Billboard Asia
Uniting the Nations: India & China
Global Power Players – Risks & Opportunities
Technology Patterns in Asia-Pacific
Australia In Crisis
The Rising Stars of Asia-Pacific
IMS Business Report – Insight Into Asia-Pacific
China The Disruptor
Challenges in Asia-Pacific
Market Focus: Japan
AFEM presents Get Played, Get Paid
Influential KOL’s in Asia-Pacific
Hot Trends of Asia: SNS – Live Broadcast & Leasing Music Apps
Labels of Love: Keeping the Dream Alive
Breaking with Brands in Asia-Pacific
She Said So presents Diversity in Electronic Music

Full Phase Two Speakers:

Alan Deng (Director, Tencent Video Live Music, China)
Anish Sood (Artist, India)
Annie Lee (CEO, Dream Worker, China)
Arjun Vagale ( Artist / Director, UnMute, India)
Arsit Prachaseri (CEO, AG Productions, Thailand)
Ben Turner (CEO, IMS / Graphite, UK)
CheiZak (CEO / Founder, YEMA Live, China)
Christian Rijanto (Co-Founder / Managing Partner, ISMAYA Group, Indonesia)
Daniel Miller (Founder / CEO, Mute Records, UK)
David Boyle (EVP Insight, BBC Worldwide)
Davis Savril (KOL/Artist, China)
Dennis De Bruin (CEO, Alda Events, Asia)
Derrek Tsao (KOL, Music Journalist, China )
Dev Bhatia (Director, UnMute, India)
DJ Soolee (Artist, Korea)
Dope Lee – (KOL / Artist, China)
Eric Zho (Founder / CEO, A2LiVE, China)
Frank Rodi (Innovation & Electronic Music Specialist, APRA, Australia)
Hedy Lee (KOL / Artist, China)
Helena Legend (Artist, Australia)
Iqbal Ameer (CEO, LiveScape Group, Malaysia)
John Boyle (Chief Growth Officer and Interim CFO, Insomniac Events, USA)
Kaku (Artist, Asia)
King Arthur (Artist, Puerto Rico)
Kurosh Nasseri (Attorney, AFEM, USA)
Maggie Yu (Vice-President/Brand Director, Adidas, China)
Marc Vedo (Artist, UK)
Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK)
Miao Wong (Founder / CEO, dART, China)
MYRNE (Artist, Singapore)
Naoki Shimizu (CEO / President, CreativeMan Productions, Japan)
Nick Matthews (Agent, Coda Agency, UK)
Pep & Rash (Artist, Netherlands)
Prateek Pandey (Promoter, sLick!, India)
Rebecca Young (Agent, EMD Australia & NZ, WME, Australia)
Rob Schwartz (Journalist, Billboard, USA)
Robb Harker (Founder / CEO, Supermodified Agency, Asia)
Robert Zhang ( AB-Inbev, China)
Robin Leembrugen (Manager, Mad Panda Agency, China)
Sach Jobb (COO, iFlyer, Japan)
Samuel Wald (WME, EMD Bookings, Asia)
Sandy Chi (Chief Entertainment Officer, KuGou, China)
Sunny L (Director, Music Fest Asia & Xin Wang Group, HK & China)
Vlada Didenko (Senior Business Manager, A2LiVE, China)
Wang Lei (General Manager, Baidu Music, China)

Full Phase One Speaker List (previously announced):

Skrillex (Artist, North America)
Alesso (Artist, Sweden)
Jolin Tsai (Artist, Asia)
Pete Tong (Artist, UK)
Amy Thomson (CEO, ATM Artists, USA)
Shailendra Singh (Promoter, Percept, India)
Lee Anderson (Agent, AM Only, USA)
Tim Smith (CEO / Founder, Blood Company)
Blaise DeAngelo (A&R, OWSLA, USA)
Chace (Artist, China)
Nakadia (Artist, Thailand)
David Levy (Agent, WME, UK)
Jason Swamy (Director, WonderFruit, Hong Kong)
Lauren Rose-Kocher (Business Development, Sony Music Entertainment, Japan)
Murat Kilic (Artist, CEO, Spice – Reckless Republic, Australia)
Wade Cawood (CEO / Founder, Pulse Global)
Caralinda Booth (Artist Development, Universal Music, China)
Jonathan Serbin (Billboard, Head of Asia)


Get Up Close with Industry Insiders

After an inspiring and motivational day of speeches and panels during the day at IMS Asia-Pacific, delegates will receive another valuable chance to discuss and connect with industry leaders face-to-face at the IMS Networking Dinner. Dine, mingle and drink with professionals and resourceful insiders all while enjoying good music and nightlife of the city of Shanghai.

The IMS Networking Dinner is an extension of IMS Asia-Pacific’s daytime portion and offers a more casual, but still connected focus on the electronic music business and networking. The dinner will take place at the American Brasserie POP, allowing delegates and foreign guests to properly experience Shanghai’s renowned Bund view while in company of the industry’s greatest.

Seating is limited, so please secure your spot soon!

WHEN: 30th September, 8pm-12pm

WHERE: POP, 3 on the bund. Zhong Shan Dong Rd 7F (near Guang Dong Rd)

PRICE: 100€ / 745 RMB Per Person

INCLUDES: Free drinks all night (beer, wine, soda), casual dinner. Menu coming soon!

Skrillex, Alesso, Asia pop star Jolin Tsai, Pete Tong, Chinese producer Chace, Mute’s Daniel Miller, OWSLA, Sony, Universal Music, AM Only, WME and Many More

2016 IMS Market Focus On Japan

IMS in partnership with Budweiser STORM Festival, today revealed the first round of speakers and initial programming details for the third IMS Asia-Pacific, taking place Sept 29 – 30 in Shanghai, China at the Hyatt on the Bund. IMS will gather global artists, thought-leaders and industry figureheads to explore the growing influence of electronic music and the issues, challenges and opportunities that face the industry globally and in Asia. 2016’s IMS Asian market focus will be Japan.

Two of the world’s biggest electronic artists, Alesso and Skrillex, arrive at IMS Asia-Pacific to share how they are building their profiles in Asia. Skrillex will bring his Meet Team OWSLA session to IMS which includes some of the key players behind the success of Skrillex and his OWSLA imprint; Tim Smith (Manager), Lee Anderson (Agent) & Blaise DeAngelo (OWSLA GM). The panel will discuss the strategies, successes and challenges of taking their sound and style across Asia-Pacific. Key topics include: recording in Korea, the influence of Japan, synchs with Chinese film studios, touring strategy for south east Asia and much more.

Alesso will discuss how working with local Asian artists is an important way for him to connect with local audiences. IMS will also showcase the stories behind some of the biggest stars emerging in Asia, such as Asia’s Pop Queen and vocalist Jolin Tsai, leading underground Thai DJ Nakadia and 17-year old Chace, who’s global profile is rapidly rising after collaborating with Yellow Claw and becoming the first Chinese artist to ever play Tomorrowland.

Global touring powerhouses like WME, AM Only and Coda will explain how and why they are focused on the expanding Asian market, while the region’s biggest promoters, such as Jason Swamy (Wonderfruit, Further Future) and Shailendra Singh (Percept, India) will deliver on the ground insight into the size, scale and unique character of the Asian markets.

Streaming and sales continue to be a hot button issue globally, and IMS will offer viewpoints from major labels like Sony Japan and Universal China on the unique platforms and landscape of the Asian record business.

IMS will also explore the media landscape in Asia, with participants from global media brands like Pulse, Mixmag and Billboard, who have all launched localized platforms throughout the region.

In 2015 IMS revealed that electronic music event attendance in China had risen 30% since 2011. The region is filled with a growing population of young, eager fans, hopeful talent and hungry professionals aiming to help cultivate the electronic music scene in the region. 2016’s IMS Asia-Pacific will bridge the gap between East and West and provide unique first hand insight into the artists, businesses and events that are making Asia Pacific one of the most exciting and rapidly growing electronic music markets in the world. IMS Asia-Pacific will feature a Market Focus on Japan, a region which has trail blazed electronic music in the region for 30 years and remains the technological home of innovation for the genre.

“Asia is one of electronic music’s biggest opportunities, yet a market that most who live outside know little about,” said Ben Turner, co-founder of IMS. “The caliber of our speakers highlights the growing global interest in the region and it’s imperative for IMS to build a dialogue and create further connections and understanding between East and West. We’re delighted to be working with STORM and Eric as our local partners, who have been instrumental in bringing IMS to China.”

“Witnessing the rise of electronic music in the region for the past 4 years has convinced me beyond doubt that we have made the right choice to enter the market,” said Eric Zho, Founder of A2 Entertainment Group and STORM Electronic Music Festival in China. “Our goal for IMS Asia Pacific is to clear any red tape and support those who have an interest in the region, to further grow and penetrate a territory that host more than 60% of the world’s population. With Ben Turner’s experience and foresight, combined with our own experience in the region, we believe IMS Asia Pacific will be the key to help open those doors for the dance music industry.”

After debuting IMS Asia-Pacific in Singapore in 2014, IMS launched in China in 2015. In 2016 IMS will consolidate its Asia-Pacific events, with Shanghai’s September event being its sole event in the region. IMS was the first ever electronic music summit in China, recognizing the country’s growing enthusiasm for and importance to the global electronic music industry.

Budweiser STORM Festival has become China’s premier electronic music event since its launch in 2013. In addition to its flagship Shanghai event Storm now hosts regional events around China. Its attendance in 2016 is expected to surpass 30,000 per day, and they have hosted some of the world’s biggest DJs including Kaskade, Galantis, Skrillex and more.



In 2016, IMS Asia-Pacific returns in 2016 newly reimagined and expanded for a two-day edition that unites leading figures, artists and business of the East and West electronic music industry. It’s time to return to Asia and LEARN, CONNECT and BE HEARD.

Stay tuned – major speaker and topic announcements are coming SOON!

Badges are now available here.

The inaugural edition of IMS College Malta saw an inspiring schedule presented to a passionate audience of young electronic music lovers.

Including talks from Pete Tong, Eli & Fur, Mark Brown, Robert Horsfall, Laura Newton, Mark Lawrence, Lucy Allen, Wilf Gregory and Mark Netto

+ workshops hosted by Point Blank and SAE Institute

“This event is hugely symbolic. We have to continually educate people because the electronic music industry is such a complicated scene…there’s so much to know and we have a responsibility.”

– Mark Lawrence of AFEM: Association for Electronic Music

Marking their first move into Malta, International Music Summit successfully debuted IMS College with an enlightening crashcourse in electronic music compiled of talks, networking sessions and workshops hosted by Point Blank and SAE Institute respectively, in an event unlike any other on the dance music circuit. An intimate and hugely interactive format saw delegates given the chance to engage in valuable one-to-one Q & A sessions with all of the speakers throughout the two days, who each offered genuine and personable advice in their areas of expertise.

With proceedings officially opened by IMS co-founder Pete Tong, day one of IMS College Malta saw a wealth of young minds in attendance, with the Radio 1 presenter praising an “eagerness to absorb” within the conference. A particularly humbling factor which served as a key theme throughout the schedule, Pete also appeared across the speed networking sessions which rounded off each of the two days – giving fledgling talent the chance to gain direct conversation at a personal level.


Day One


An empowering introductory talk from Robert Horsfall – of media and entertainment law firm Sound Advice – highlighted the importance of passion when breaking into the industry, explaining:

“Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life. Ambition and work ethic go hand in hand.”

Referencing Bob Lefsetz’s ‘5 pieces of the jigsaw’ analogy which reads “You need talent, you need ambition, you need work ethic, you need luck, you need business taken care of.”, Horsfall emphasised the importance of having a strong team around an artist from the get-go and advised the audience to always be inquisitive and always ask questions.

Focus then returned to Pete Tong for a keynote interview around his long-standing career in radio, which saw him pin-point an early turning-point when he was starting out:

“I was talking to a generation that were doing M25 parties, warehouse parties…it was totally the right time.”

The discussion also explored the differences between US and European audiences and how these have evolved over the last 5 years, as well as highlighting the huge popularity within different genres of the electronic scene – with particular focus on Ibiza. Pete explained:

“It’s fascinating now. I can take you to Ushuaia and you can see people going crazy to David Guetta, then go to Amnesia and see people going crazy to Marco Carola, and the same with Jamie Jones at Paradise.”

Shining a light on the importance of press for both artists and events, Lucy Allen of press agency Listen Up explained that a love for music is integral in becoming a music PR. Emphasising that a publicist must know their audience when telling a client’s story, she highlighted that:

“Fundamentally, it’s relationships with journalists that are key. They’ve got to respect your suggestions and you have to target the right people in order to be taken seriously.”

She then explained that press needs to remain unbiased in order to maintain credibility, and despite being able to forge media partnerships and advise on how to deal with sensitive scenarios, ultimately:

“There’s a reason why we respect 5 star reviews in Resident Advisor, you can’t pay for that.”

Fast rising UK duo Eli & Fur shared details of their career trajectory, and re-assured the audience that taking risks within the scene can help establish an artist’s true identity.

“No-one should be afraid of that journey of discovering what you love and trying new things” – Eli


They also went on to praise the benefit of working as a pair and explained how this translates in the studio, with Fur noting their specific preferences when it comes to production:

“We prefer Logic for vocals, but for live stuff Ableton works really well – it allows you to be more experimental. A live feel is important to us.”

Laura Newton of CAA then echoed the theme of passion when it comes to the role of an agent, expressing:

“You have to have your artists back, and it’s really hard to do that if you don’t respect and engage in the music they are making.”

Speaking of artist growth, she explained the importance of strategy and taking time to plan a timeline of progression, adding that “if it’s not a team effort then there’s something wrong there.”

Robert Horsfall then returned to the panel to speak specifically about his expertise in music law, with an important message regarding communication in today’s online-dominated industry. Advising on how to stand out, he commented:

“I think we’re all overwhelmed by email traffic, we can all tell when an email is personalised, and when it’s a round-robin. You’ve got to personalise your approach.”

A networking lunch was succeeded by an incredible step by step track deconstruction by Ski Oakenfull – who focused on Duke Dumont’s ‘Ocean Drive’ – with Point Blank music school commenting on their involvement with IMS College Malta, stating:

“We are passionate about education and that it should be connected back to the industry.”

An industry panel featuring each of the day’s speakers included topics such as streaming, how to stand out, the importance of social media and career highs and lows, after which Stefano Ritteri led a demonstrative workshop centred on the creation of samples.

With IMS College’s 360 degree focus also offering delegates the chance to party by night, attention then shifted to the evening celebrations which saw Pete Tong and Solomun descend upon Numero Uno for a special b2b performance. A true testament to the island’s flourishing electronic scene, the newly-refurbished open air club saw an incredible mix of local and international visitors in attendance and saw the first day of IMS College Malta’s debut edition rounded off in spectacular style.

Day Two

Day two opened with the same enthusiasm, and saw Mark Netto of IBZ Entertainment describe his experience as a talent booker. He explained:

“You have to understand the dancefloor. You have to have the right connection with people…The longer you’re in it, the more people you will meet and the more you will understand. You have to be fully immersed.”

Building on this, Mark emphasised the financial elements that successful bookers must be aware of:

“Good promoters are shrewd promoters. Know your means and know your market. You have to start off by not looking at what the artist thinks they are worth, but what they are worth to your dancefloor. Never exceed your means.”

Next up, Wilf Gregory of Hideout Festival and Annie Mac’s Lost & Found discussed his varied career in promotion and festival curation. Reiterating the importance of a USP and perseverance, he explained the vital ingredients behind running an event, stating:

“I’m a great believer in community in clubbing, you need to support the people. If you can get great local support that will really help, as well a great awareness on the ground.”

Mark Lawrence then discussed his experience in music rights and trade organisation – which he represents via AFEM: Association for Electronic Music – and referenced the need for fairer payment systems.

“It’s ridiculous that in this day and age, with all the technology, all the data, that money can’t go to the right people.”

He also explored emerging markets in the electronic music scene and noted the huge impact of EDM in America, before highlighting China as an up and coming area. Speaking of the importance of IMS College itself, Mark explained:

“This event is hugely symbolic. We have to continually educate people because the electronic music industry is such a complicated scene…there’s so much to know and we have a responsibility.”

The afternoon schedule saw SAE Institue run workshops hosted by Joost Stuursma and Frank De Jong, with an open discussion around ghost producing.

“If you’re open with working with other people, people are less likely to give you flack. Collaboration is always important.” – Joost Stuursma

CR2 boss Mark Brown then took to the floor to introduce the topic of record label and publishing, and reminded aspiring producers to always be transparent when approaching companies:

“Try and have your own unique sounds. Don’t pay for Soundcloud views, don’t pay for Facebook views – we can see it from a mile off.”

Continuing to mirror each of the speaker’s enthusiasm in highlighting the importance of educating others within the electronic scene, Mark was then joined on stage with the rest of the day’s speakers to round off day two. Summarising that staying power, clear messaging and networking are key factors in helping to break into the scene, IMS College Malta came to a close having made a thoroughly empowering message to all those in attendance – and continued to cement Malta as an affordable and thriving destination for aspiring electronic music lovers.

Students are invited to take part in IMS College – Malta, the inaugural three-day educational initiative now with daily speakers, sessions and parties announced.

After unveiling an exciting roster of speakers from across industry professions for the first ever edition of IMS College – Malta, International Music Summit has now revealed the full schedule for the three-day educational initiative. IMS College – Malta aims to inspire and cultivate the new generation of electronic music creators and visionaries with two full days of interactive workshops and learning sessions.

IMS College – Malta learning days will be hosted by Point Blank Music School and SAE, two international leading platforms for music production, education and training. Both learning days of IMS College will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions: days will begin with in-depth individual sessions focused on specializations from speakers like Pete Tong, Eli & Fur, Mark Brown of Cr2 Records, and CEO of the Association For Electronic Music Mark Lawrence and afternoons invite students to take part in interactive learning sessions, speed networking and thoughtfully-curated panels.

FRIDAY JULY 1 Hosted by Point Blank

11.00 – 11.05 Introduction from Pete Tong & IMS Partners
11.05 – 11.30 Keynote Introduction: The 5 Pieces of the Jigsaw by Robert Horsfall
11.30 – 12:00 Pete Tong (DJ / Broadcaster, BBC Radio 1, UK) Topic: Radio
12:00 – 12:30 Mark Lawrence (CEO, AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, UK) Topic: Music Rights / Trade Organisation
12:30 – 13:00 Eli & Fur (Artist / DJ, UK) Topic: DJing
13:00 – 13:30 Laura Newton (Agent, CAA, UK) Topic: How to become an Agent
13:30 – 14:00 Robert Horsfall (Music Lawyer, Sound Advice LLP, UK) Topic: Music Law

Networking Lunch

15.30 – 16.30 Track Deconstruction with Ski Oakenfull (Lecturer, Point Blank, UK)
16.30 – 17.30 Industry Panel hosted by Point Blank
17.30 – 18.30 Music Production Creative Workflow with Stefano Ritteri (Artist / Producer, Point Blank, Italy)
17.35 – 18:45 Time to meet the professionals (Speed networking session, your chance to be noticed)


12:00 – 12:30 Mark Netto (Director, IBZ Entertainment, Spain) Topic: Talent Buying
12:30 – 13:00 Mark Brown (DJ / Owner, CR2 Records, UK) Topic: Record Label and Publishing
13:00 – 13:30 Lucy Allen (Head of Festival & Events Press, Listen Up Music Promotion, UK) Topic: Press
13:30 – 14:00 Wilf Gregory (Director, Hideout Festival / Lost & Found Festival, UK)
Topic: Promotion / Festivals

Networking Lunch

15:00 – 16:00 Joost Stuursma (EMC Head Lecturer, SAE, Netherlands) Topic: Ghost Production
16:00 – 17:00 Industry Panel hosted by SAE Institute
17:00 – 18:30 Frank De Jong (SAE / Chief Engineer, Red Bull Studios, Netherlands) Music Engineering Master Class
17.05 – 18:15 Time to meet the professionals (Speed networking session, your chance to be noticed)

View the schedule here and save your favorite sessions!

Each day of IMS College – Malta is also paired with official evening parties, which will take place across renowned venues on the Mediterranean island. Night one sees the official opening party with Solomun and Pete Tong on the decks, then Saturday’s evening party will be hosted by Sandy Riviera and Ziggy, before the can’t-miss Sunday night closing party line up which includes a special closing party with Nic Fanciulli and Carl Bee all at Uno Nightclub.





Erick Morillo gets honest about ketamine addiction, Pet Shop Boys in a rare speaking appearance, and an important discussion on Diversity in Electronic Music with Nicole Moudaber, B.Traits and more…



One of the most memorable moments from IMS Ibiza 2016 was Erick Morillo’s brave keynote about his ketamine addiction and road to recovery. Morillo revealed shocking lows and the long journey back to success to interviewer Pete Tong.


The Legendary duo, Pet Shop Boys divulged details of their prolific and longstanding career in the industry, Sunday lunch at Berghain and their musical inspirations.

“We haven’t taken a break. You have to exercise the muscles of your creativity to keep them strong. We’re always chasing the idea of the perfect record that’s exactly the right balance of euphoria, intelligence, sound and crazy instinct.”
– NEIL TENNANT (Pet Shop Boys)


Tackling the big issues head on, IMS Ibiza 2016 saw a panel of respected women of the industry come together to address the matter of the lack of women in the music industry. Nicole Moudaber and B.Traits represented from the artist perspective while Maria May of CAA, Lucy Blair of The Orchard, Jackie Antas of Live Nation UK and José Woldring of The Media Nanny balanced on the industry side for a compelling discussion on what to do to progress and eliminate the issue.

The ninth annual conference explored issues of streaming, major labels, artist integrity, diversity, and the future of the island itself.

Including keynote interviews from The Pet Shop Boys, Yello, Erick Morillo, Renaat Vandepapeliere and Yann Pissenem

With speakers Carl Cox, Pepe Rosello, Dubfire, Bart Cools, Kenny Gates, Richie Hawtin, Tale Of Us, Nicole Moudaber + many more

Confirming their position as industry leaders in presenting educational, inspirational and motivational discussions within the electronic music industry, the ninth edition of IMS Ibiza 2016 provided another hugely insightful three-day summit. An amalgamation of subjects saw issues of streaming, major labels, diversity and the future of the island itself serve as talking points, plus an array of keynote interviews from the likes of Pet Shop Boys, Erick Morillo, Yann Pissenem, as well as an exclusive announcement from Swiss duo Yello.

Taking place at The Hard Rock Hotel, day one of the conference began with strategy specialist, Kevin Watson presenting this year’s IMS Business Report. The report announced the huge increase in revenue, with the Electronic Music Industry now worth $7.1 Billion – 60% more than in 2013. Following on from this, Dubset CEO Stephen White announced that the company has struck a deal with Spotify in order to make it possible for DJs to upload and legally stream original long-form mixes and single track remixes.

“We’re seeing evolution. Dance music is a very focus for all of them in ways that it hasn’t been before. It’s evolving towards an understanding towards the genre, and a better approach.” – Stephen White

The conference later took an emotional turn with ‘Space Ibiza: End of an Era’ discussion with Space Ibiza Legend Carl Cox, his manager Lynn Cosgrove and this year’s IMS Legend, Space Owner Pepe Roselló. The much anticipated panel gave a poignant overview of the revered Ibiza venue over the years, which has been adored by many all over the world. Space Owner, Pepe Roselló received a standing ovation towards the end of his final word.


“Without a full-fledged trust and love from Pepe, it never would have happened. Always quality. You have never skimped or saved on anything. It is beautiful. From my heart, always love. Always will.” – Lynn Cosgrove

“The situation at Space is beyond our control… I’m being very dramatic here. I’ve had in my lifetime, the best 15 years at Space. I’m going to leave with a bang like you’ve never seen before. It’s been my church for the past 15 years.” – Carl Cox

Rounding off the first day of IMS Ibiza was music journalist and DJ, Dave Haslam who discussed the Vinyl Exchange with Seth Troxler for the first time, exclusively for IMS 2016. Both declaring their admiration for vinyl, the duo played a selection of their favourites from the collection.

“Through music, I can find the feelings that I can’t show or express. It adds emotion and expression to your life. That’s something that people have lost when you digitize music.” – Seth Troxler

Day Two of the conference started with an in-depth keynote with renowned American DJ, Erick Morillo who spoke to Pete Tong about his relationship with drugs and how he overcame his demons. Divulging through the ups and downs of what life is like for a touring DJ, Erick gave an honest account of his ketamine addiction, explaining:

“When all these young DJs were all of a sudden blowing up and eclipsing me, my ego couldn’t take it. My ego couldn’t take that I wasn’t the top dog anymore. That’s when things started to unravel. Then I started making music I didn’t love and playing music I didn’t love. That’s when things started to get really bad.” – Erick Morillo


Elsewhere, the most progressive and innovative purveyors of Dance Music: Black Coffee, Dubfire, James Zabiela, Nicole Moudaber, Carmine Conte (Tale Of Us) and Richie Hawtin discussed the topic, ‘Striving For Excellence & The Art of Playing Differently’ which was centred around the recent launch of Richie Hawtin’s MODEL1 mixer by his PLAYdifferently company.


Later on, IMS co-founder Pete Tong weighed in on the making of his Ibiza Prom, which celebrated 20 years of Radio 1 in Ibiza last year. Conductor Jules Buckley expressed the positivity surrounding the event, stating

“It goes to prove how much people love this music. It’s fair to say that we also didn’t know what the reaction would be. It could have bombed.” – Jules Buckley

Next up, was the highly anticipated keynote interview with Founder/CEO of Ushuaïa, Spain, Yann Pissenem. In the keynote, Grego O’Halloran of Ibiza Spotlight raised the tender subject of Space Ibiza’s closing and the future of the club – which he has now acquired – with Yann dousing fears that he will be demolishing the venue.

“After the amazing and fabulous creative work that Pepe has done in the last 27 years, I’m glad and proud to step in. With a lot of respect. It’s a big responsibility for me for the international scene, the electronic scene.” – Yann Pissenem

To round off, IMS and Mixmag crowned KRPT LDN founder Inder Phull as this year’s Visionaries contest winner. Maintaining the spotlight on Electronic Music, Mixmag presented ‘The New Breed’ panel with Danny Daze, Danny Howard, Francesca Lombardo and Kölsch, which explored the experiences of big-breakthrough artists of the past year.

Bowing out of a successful day two of talks, the final day of the conference saw some of the island’s most influential players come together to discuss the Great Annual Ibiza debate. Shauna Slevin (manager of The Martinez Brothers) suggested a growing saturation within the island, whilst Pete Tong added that, despite, other up and coming territories, it still remains of huge importance.

“There are a lot of roadblocks in Ibiza to do your own thing. There’s a lot of competition.” – Shauna Slevin

“If you’re an underground DJ, up-and-coming and playing on the house and techno scene, playing in Brooklyn and Detroit, I think it’s very important to still come to Ibiza. It depends on what kind of music you’re in.” – Pete Tong

A keynote interview with legendary Swiss electronica duo Yello followed, which saw them exclusively announce their first live tour in their 38-year career as well as a brand new album, Toy.

“This album will be more uptempo, more poppy. With some typical Yello sound effects.” – Boris Blank

One of the most talked about discussions of the day was the Diversity In Electronic Music panel, which was held in association with global network Tackling issues of female representation within the electronic music industry, Jackie Antas of Live Nation provided a run-down of current statistics to kickstart the debate:

  • In 2014, only 18% of electronic labels include women on their rosters
  • Women made up 11% of rosters in 2016
  • Just 1 out of 15 of Billboard’s One’s to Watch were women
  • No major music labels have female bosses


Nicole Moudaber gave a frank viewpoint around this representation, and suggested that both women, and men, need to be focused in order to achieve success in the industry.

“Not a lot of men can do what I do, so maybe not a lot of women can do what I do too? I don’t think any man has achieved what I have done in such a short period of time…I hope I can be an inspiration, an example to women. But I never thought it was this massive problem, actually.” – Nicole Moudaber

Discussing the need to implement a change in thought processes globally – and recognising that these vary from culture to culture – there was no doubt that the industry needs to represent women more fairly.

Closing the ninth IMS Ibiza conference was a keynote interview with legendary duo Pet Shop Boys, who opened up about their longstanding career within the scene:


“We haven’t taken a break. You have to exercise the muscles of your creativity to keep them strong.

We’re always chasing the idea of the perfect record that’s exactly the right balance of euphoria, intelligence, sound and crazy instinct.” – Pet Shop Boys

As all eyes led to Dalt Vila – where a selection of forward-thinking artists took control of the stunning UNESCO site – Francesca Lombardo, Benjamin Damage, B Traits, Tale Of Us and Nicole Moudaber each graced the stage, with Dubfire presenting his HYBRID showcase to officially close the 2016 summit. t.