Including talks from Sven Väth, Beatport, Toolroom Academy, Cr2 and Point Blank Music School production masterclasses with Agoria and more.

‘I wish that back in that time, we had a conference like this (IMS) and I had the opportunity to learn more in detail how things run’.
Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee, Co-Founder, Germany).


IMS College Malta returned to The Westin Hotel, Drangonara for the second edition of this now annual event, proving to be an invaluable experience for the delegates who attended from many countries across Europe. All had the opportunity to network freely, engage directly with key speakers on a one to one Q & A basis, and attend revealing workshops from Point Blank Music School and The Berklee College of Music.

Designed as a crash course in the music business with a learn by day and party by night ethos, IMS College – Malta gave a 360-degree view of the dance industry. At night delegates, experienced sets by the summits exclusive international DJs, seeing them in full action and experiencing exactly what they were all about.

IMS College – Malta Day 1

Proceedings were officially opened by the IMS Founders who greeted the full auditorium of DJs, producers and emerging industry professionals. They collectively reinforced the core aims of IMS College- Malta – to inspire and motivate as well as provide a solid educational foundation.

Great advice came from the very first keynote, Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S Records, Founder, Belgium) advised that when thinking of what to produce, contemporary song writers should ‘rip up the rule book have more of a punk attitude’ and advised ‘write your own page, write your own story, don’t try to be like Richie Hawtin, we already have a Richie Hawtin’.

Next to take the stage was UNER (Artist, Spain) reassuring those starting out that if you are not able to play any instruments do not let that put you off… ‘you don’t need to be classically trained… Classical training is a bit dangerous as there are 1000’s other ways to play music… it’s not about mathematics, it’s about feelings’.

French DJ and producer Agoria (Artist, France) gave an informed and enthralling masterclass on composing music for Film and TV, pointing to a great additional revenue stream for producers and encouraging them to look further afield saying ‘The cinema industry is really looking for electronic musicians’.

The ultimate end to day one came with a very rare, up close and personal, one to one interview with Sven Väth (Artist, Germany), interviewed by Mark Netto (IMS, Founder). ‘Papa’ Sven openly discussed his inspirations and his background, from his nightclub owner parents, his mother encouraging him to pursue a career as a DJ and his early life as a pop star producer.

Finishing off the night was Agoria and Sven who both performed an unmissable and technically perfect DJ set at UNO Village. With Sven Väth djing entirely on vinyl.

“I discovered these amazing open air clubs and DJ’s playing eclectic music. I was just blown away, I just loved staying there. It was quite inspiring to me.” – Sven Väth (Artist, Germany)


IMS College – Malta Day 2

Commencing day two was a collection of Malta’s foremost DJs, coming together from different musical styles and genres. Ziggy (Artist, Malta) advised ‘I took a DJ’ing course which led me to where I am today’. Carl Bee (Artist Malta) added further encouraging advice ‘I started DJing at the age of 14/15 years, my father was a DJ as well, my cousin was also a DJ, at the age of 17 I had my first residency’.

Continuing with encouraging stories of success for budding talent was Mia Amare (Artist, Russia) who explained how she was inspired by attending IMS and following the advice of the speakers, she also expressed the initial challenges of establishing herself as a DJ.

“I remember it was a very important moment when a speaker at IMS Malta was talking about how you need to be successful and she said, ‘be yourself’’’ adding ‘I have been DJing for 2 years, but if I had seen more female DJs out there I would have done it a lot earlier”.

Stuart Knight (Toolroom Academy, Director, UK) advised on how to get noticed by carefully tailoring your communication ‘We’re looking for that extra 5% on top of that blanket email’ adding “Do your research, know what the label is about. If you put your time in we will notice, we get 400 – 500 demos a week’.

Mark Brown (CR2 Records, CEO, UK) and Laurence Holcombe (CR2 Records, UK) announced their brand new educational initiative #Learn4Free. Consisting of two production tutorial series that focus on both underground and main room production techniques.

Jack Bridges (Beatport Director of Artists, Labels, Sounds, Berlin) shared an insider knowledge about the leading download platform and the best practice to engage them in support. He stated, ‘It’s easier than ever to get a distribution deal and get a record out there but it’s really difficult to cut through the noise… for us it’s about having a great package, it’s about the artwork, the DJ support’ adding “…don’t send long reports of quotes saying, downloaded on behalf of xxx, that will switch us off instantly. What works well is a mobile phone video clips of big artists playing your tracks’.

Mark Lawrence (AFEM: Association For Electronic Music, CEO, UK) went on to explain the importance of engaging a publisher early on in your career, advising that ‘electronic music producers should recognise that they are also songwriters’ this means that they can benefit from collection agencies like PPL, PRS and MCPS.

To round off the talks for the weekend Technasia (Artist, France) give a frank and personal insight into his long career, saying ‘The Key is hard work’, going on to say, “My advice to the next generation… work your ass off! There’s a lot of competition, everyone wants to be a DJ, everyone is a DJ, to get success in it is a lot of hard work, a lot!’ He also made the exclusive announcements that he is returning to performing LIVE again.

For those thinking that they need to attend next year’s event, the final thought comes from DJ Mia Amare saying ‘There is nothing like IMS College. I truly think that IMS College helps the next generation’.




International artists Sven Väth, Agoria, UNER and Technasia join industry leaders and production experts from AFEM, Beatport, Mobilee, Toolroom Academy, R&S Records and more

IMS COLLEGE: A crash course in electronic music. Learn by day, party by night.

July 7-9
Summer Camp badge prices €70 for 2 days and 3-night time parties

Following the successful 10-year anniversary of International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza, IMS now bring their thought-leadership platform to Malta. IMS College – Malta, a uniquely curated educational initiative aimed at emerging electronic music professionals and future industry visionaries, has now revealed its final schedule for 2017, bringing together a powerful collection of leading electronic music experts and artists to educate the next generation with their experience and knowledge.

By day attendees will experience two full days of interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes and learning sessions covering four key pillars of music education: Performance, Production, Promotion and Publishing. Partnering with leading music education institutes Point Blank Music School, Berklee College of Music and Toolroom Academy, the two-days of learning are designed to help nurture and boost the careers of emerging electronic music industry professionals. By night attendees will experience specially curated parties and events showcasing the best international electronic music talent.

Day one of the summer camp on Friday 7th July, hosted by Point Blank Music School, opens with an inspiring keynote on originality from R&S Records founder Renaat Vandepapeliere. Ralf Kollmann, co-founder of Mobilee Records, will share his knowledge on publishing, artist management, licensing agreements and the secrets of how to pitch to labels to get your records heard. Point Blank Music School will present four insightful sessions; a creativity and songwriting class with Spanish artist UNER led by Carly Hordern, a track deconstruction masterclass in Ableton Live, a masterclass on ‘Essential Production Tips: Mixing Your Tracks for the Club’ and finally a focus on composing for Film and TV with Agoria. The day will close with an extraordinary keynote by German techno pioneer and Cocoon founder Sven Väth, followed by a speed networking session, giving attendees the chance to connect with and get noticed by leading industry professionals.

Saturday 8th July presents day two of IMS College – Malta, opening with a discussion from leading Maltese electronic music artists on the local scene, followed by upcoming female Russian DJ Mia Amare revealing how IMS College has helped shape her career. Director of Toolroom Records Stuart Knight will enlighten attendees on the secrets of getting noticed and signed in the industry, with further label insights coming from Mark Brown, CEO of CR2 Records, who will also be exclusively revealing a new educational initiative from the label. Nacho Marco of Berklee College of Music, will be leading a production workshop where he will analyse one of his own tracks to show a real example of producing a dance music EP.

US dance music retailer Beatport, represented by Jack Bridges, Director of Artists, Labels, Sounds, will explain how the platform can help independent artists promote their music, in addition, Mark Lawrence, CEO of AFEM: Association for Electronic Music will outline the importance of Publishing. Closing day two is an intimate keynote with Technasia, one of the key artists driving forward thoughtful electronic music, who will give insights into his working career.

Each day of IMS College – Malta is paired with official evening parties with world class DJ talent with some of the genres biggest names and genre defining DJs, including Sven Väth, Agoria, Todd Terry and Richy Ahmed.

Friday 7th July – Hosted by Point Blank Music School

12.00-12.05        Introduction by IMS Partners

12.05-12.25        Production: Keynote Interview – Renaat Vandepapeliere (R&S Records, Founder, Belgium)

12.30-13.00        Production: Creativity & Songwriting Class – UNER (Artist, Spain)

13.05-13.50        Production: Track Deconstruction – Ski Oakenfull (Point Blank, Content Development, UK)

13.55-14.25        Publishing: Keynote Interview – Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee, Co-Founder, Germany)


15.05-15.50        Production: Composing for Film & TV Masterclass – Agoria (Artist, France)

15.55-16.40        Production: Mixing Your Tracks For The Club – JC Concato (Point Blank, Creative Director, UK)

16.45-17.30        Performance: Keynote Interview – Sven Väth

17.35-18.30        Promotion: Networking Session – Your Chance To Get Noticed

Saturday 8th July

12.05-12.45            Production: Local DJ’s Share Their Knowledge On The Malta Scene

12.50-13.05            Performance: Discussion – Mia Amare (Artist, Russia)

13.10-13.55            Promotion: Keynote Interview – Stuart Knight (Toolroom Academy, Director, UK)

14.00-15.00            Production: Track Dissection Masterclass – Nacho Marco (Berklee College of Music, Professor, Spain)


15.40-16.25            Production: CR2 Records Discussion – Mark Brown (CR2 Records, CEO, UK) & Laurence Holcombe (CR2 Records, UK)

16.30-17.00            Promotion: Keynote Interview – Jack Bridges (Beatport, Director of Artists, Labels, Sounds, Berlin)

17.05-17.50            Publishing: Keynote Interview – Mark Lawrence (AFEM, CEO, UK)

17.55-18.40            Performance: Keynote Interview – Technasia (Artist, France)

18.40-19.30            Promotion: Networking Session – Your Chance To Get Noticed


International Music Summit (IMS), the three-day educational and inspirational thought leadership platform and leading authority on electronic music, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year and once again brought forward some of the key issues facing the electronic music industry in 2017. Chief amongst these are the gender imbalances in studios, on festival and party line-ups (only 17% of festival headliners are female and only 5% of producers) and so Smirnoff is proud to have joined forces to commit to double the number of female headliners which was announced on International Women’s Day.

As such together with the organisation, Smirnoff Sound Collective hosted a Diversity Debate on May 25th “Balancing the Ratio – How the Industry needs to address Gender Disparity in Electronic Music,” with Miss Kittin (Artist, France), Leila Fataar (Diageo, Head of Culture & Entertainment Europe), Andreea Magdalina (, Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee, Co-Founder, Germany), Terry Weerasinghe (Beatport, GM/SVP Music Marketing and Analytics, Germany) and Mark Lawrence (AFEM: Association for Electronic Music, CEO, UK). The panel was followed by a “Diversity Roundtable” brunch at the Smirnoff Sound Collective IMS Beach Lounge. Over Smirnoff Bloody Marys, leading industry players across all electronic music business areas went deep into the issue to foster ideas and come up with solid steps of action that can work towards addressing the gender balance in dance music.

“At and with International Music Summit we were keen to get to the bottom of this deep-rooted disparity issue and develop a long term and ongoing plan to help balance the ratio,” said Leila Fataar, Head of Culture & Entertainment at Diageo. “By connecting our Smirnoff Sound Collective platform with the IMS we have brought together some of the most forward-thinking people in the industry with a clear objective: finding solutions to gender disparity in Electronic Music. From on-going conversations with key people from the industry, it is clear that there is not a one fix-all solution. Instead a variety important steps need to be taken – from grassroots to executive level, from single people to corporate companies, it will take the industry as a whole to sort this. We, as Smirnoff are open to and will support breaking ideas and initiatives from DJs, companies, media, labels, individual players, managers, bookers and many other people involved in the scene to shape a plan together. We’re open.”

To that end, Smirnoff commits to fund breaking ideas for gender diversity to tackle this issue from multiple sides. In July Smirnoff will announce the committee of the fund which will include representatives from IMS, AFEM and and how to apply, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Says Ben Turner, IMS co-founder: “We have put Diversity at the heart of IMS and we are thrilled to work with Smirnoff on a strategy and action plan to support their ambitious pledge. The electronic music industry has been side-lining female talent for far too long but with Smirnoff’s long term commitment, our think tank capabilities as well as our global industry network, we could enable a genuine, long-lasting change”.

#2xwomenheadliners #SmirnoffSoundCollective

Photo credit: David Holderbach

Marking the ten-year anniversary of the summit, IMS Ibiza curated a series of back-to-back performances to create a truly unique and unforgettable show, held at the spectacular 2,500 year-old fort Dalt Vila, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Track ID: Agoria – Up All Night (Eagles & Butterflies Remix)

📹 by

“If you aren’t thinking about China already, you probably won’t be in the electronic music business for much longer.” stated Lee Anderson, VP of the East Coast Division of AM Only at IMS Engage last year.

It’s only appropriate that the final summit of 2017 is the  return of IMS Asia-Pacific, which takes place in Shanghai, China over the course of two days on September 21st and 22nd.


Though for much of the world it’s no walk in the park to travel to Shanghai, the benefits of attending IMS Asia-Pacific in China are guaranteed to outweigh any doubts about the travel schlepp. Here’s why…

Expand your business to the East

In 2015, IMS saw the very first IMS China take place in Shanghai and ended the year with IMS Asia-Pacific in Singapore. As exciting and necessary as it was to spread IMS across the expansive market of Asia, it also became evident that the effort could be strengthened by offering one consolidated new IMS in Asia.

Hence, IMS Asia-Pacific has been reintroduced in 2016 as an extended two-day excursion in Shanghai, a city that has proven itself as a bubbling hub of not only electronic music, but also worldwide culture as a whole.

Now in it’s second year in Shanghai, IMS Asia-Pacific (September 21st – 22nd) brings together the global industry for two full days in the Eastern China metropolis, providing countless opportunities for face-to-face connections with professionals and artists that otherwise might not have a chance to meet.


Explore Shanghai and beyond

It’s no coincidence that Shanghai has been known as the “gateway to China” long before IMS arrived in the city. Thanks to the city’s proximity to the water, Shanghai has always been a trade and economic centre for the country and is a pretty intoxicating blend of the historic colonial Bund and the skyscraping towers of the modern day.

Beyond the usual tourist haunts of food and site-seeing, Shanghai has an extravagant atmosphere as one of the largest and richest cities in China – which means shopping and experiences often compared to the likes of New York City or Paris. OF course, IMS wouldn’t be posting itself there, unless Shanghai had a very promising nightlife culture with mega clubs and bars like Bar Rouge or minimal, for-the-music-only venues like The Shelter.

Shanghai is also a convenient jump-off point for travel throughout the rest of China or Asia, so IMS might be just the springboard of your trip.


Learn about the massive opportunities

As we learned at IMS Asia-Pacific, China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world! It is not only fascinating market due to its massive potential, but also because of its unique digital landscape. The government has effectively banned global networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, forcing the country to create their own versions and innovate new social networks.

At IMS China in 2015, we learned about the world of WeChat, the wildly popular all-in-one chat, networking and photo sharing app and dozens of other apps that have captured the massive audience of China which Westerners must learn and tap into in order to access the market.


Connect with the global industry

Over the last two years, over 500 delegates from over 20 countries made their way to IMS Asia-Pacific (IMS China in 2015), and this year’s edition of IMS Asia-Pacific in Shanghai will only provide even more opportunities for professionals of the East and Western worlds to connect.

The goal this year is to build strong bridges between East and West and help connect the distant cultures through education and face-to-face conversation with local leaders that know the industry within Asia best. There are unlikely to be other opportunities to do this so comprehensively as IMS Asia-Pacific.


Party in style with STORM

To cap off two full days of panels, keynotes and networking sessions at IMS Asia-Pacific, delegates and speakers alike will head to A2Live’s Budweiser STORM Festival which takes place after the summit concludes.

STORM is one of China’s premier electronic music festivals and is just one example of how massive the potential is of the young, music-loving audience in the region. Last year’s festival saw the likes of Tiesto, Skrillex, Paul Oakenfold and many more take the stage.

Watch the official after movie from 2015 below, get your IMS tickets here and start planning that trip to Shanghai!


Seth Troxler and Horizn Studios are proud to announce the launch of the world’s smartest DJ Trolley – the first piece of luggage in their new Professional Line. Designed to be high functioning for the digital DJ, the Pro Model ST keeps all your gear safe and organized with its modular gear cubes, securely attached to the trolley’s interior with a Velcro attachment panel, and in the detachable headphone case. As with all Horizn luggage, you’ll always stay connected, with its signature smart features like the inbuilt/removable battery and optional GPS. The trolley also comes with a easy access front pocket with space for a 15” laptop. For those with a soft spot for vinyl, the Pro Model ST also comes with a modular vinyl case that holds up to 25 records and also doubles up as a stand.

As an exclusive offer for all IMS Attendees, receive 20% off when you pre-order the Pro Model ST by 30 June 2017.


To redeem your 20% IMS offer, please use the Friends & Family code LETSGOIMS at the online checkout on

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Offer available for a limited time only, ending 30th June 2017 – please understand it cannot be combined with other offers and is only valid for the Pro Model ST






From the dialogue of the SUMMIT room to the WALLS of Dalt Vila, IMS 10 LIVEd up to its reputation as the go-to BUSINESS FORUM for electronic music


Confirming its position at the vanguard of presenting educational, inspirational and motivational discussions within the electronic music industry, the tenth edition of International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza provided another hugely insightful and successful event with a key focus on not only connecting electronic music culture but also protecting and progressing it.

Across four days 1,200 members of the global electronic music community from 48 different countries assembled at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel for a series of lively and engaging debates covering the most pressing issues facing the industry today, resulting in three very strong themes:


The gender debate was prevalent throughout the summit, as IMS partnered with both SheSaid.So, a network created to empower women in the industry and Smirnoff Sound Collective’s Diversity in Music initiative. A topic strongly deliberated by almost every delegate present, IMS co-founder Ben Turner has vowed the conference will host a gender diversity debate every year until it is “no longer an issue that needs discussing”.

Many present also remarked that now is the time for less talk and more action; The Black Madonna firmly proclaiming in her own separate keynote:

 “Stop debating it, it’s not a debatable fact, it’s like climate change, it’s like evolution. Even debating this topic… we are so far past that.”

Leading international artists including Dixon, Jesse Rose and Agoria all remarked on the importance of remaining focused on self well-being and shared personal truths of how they all find their own individual balance.

Moving on from health issues to that of hedonism, senior music industry execs from both sides of the Atlantic expressed their frustrations with how the authorities deal with the question of drugs. LWE promoter Alice Favre said she hoped that London would follow other cities’ leads in allowing drug testing at venues. “I’d really like to be at the forefront of pushing that forward.” Eddie Dean, CEO of RPM Presents, lamented that the US conversation had progressed nowhere near as far. “If the world ‘drug’ comes up in a meeting, everybody just ducks. It’s crazy.”

The closure of the iconic Space and the opening of its replacement Hï Ibiza featured heavily on the Annual Ibiza Debate. Whilst heralding a new era for the island the topic sparked significant dialogue on sustainability and the effect the ambition of the island and the rise of VIP culture is having on the working class of Ibiza, with Seth Troxler passionately noting “everyone has their own taste and everyone should have a place that they can go to.”

Issues of welfare did not stop there as Art Department’s Jonny White, Wade Cawood (CEO Pulse Global) and Jack Baucher (CEO Tears for Tigers) came together to introduce MAAC and discuss how they will help protect endangered wildlife through the music industry. They revealed staggering statistics – during IMS Ibiza alone over 300 Elephants will have been culled globally.

The Association For Electronic Music’s CEO Mark Lawrence invited industry professionals including Austin Kramer of Spotify and Sulinna Ong of Deezer to discuss digital consumption of music in all its forms as the dominant and accepted consumption method. This is a conversation that not only reaffirmed streaming as the most galvanizing way to break new music in 2017 but also to cultivate a sustainably strong listenership.

Highly anticipated and iconic keynotes came throughout the conference from artists such as New Order’s Bernard Sumner, The Black Madonna, Masters at Work, The Martinez Brothers and Dixon.

Bernard Sumner’s conversation with Pete Tong made for a remarkable interview and arguably one of the most memorable highlights. Referencing the recent tragic events in his native Manchester, Bernard remarked “It’s just gut-wrenching, heart-breaking. It just seems completely barbaric and pointless, and breaks my heart.” He went on to passionately recount his experiences of Ibiza in the late 1980s, attending early super clubs and recording his seminal 1989 album Technique on the island.

The Martinez Brothers in conversation with Pete Tong shared their youthful recollections of life in New York City and gave a key piece of advice for the next generation on how to achieve sustainable success.

“Persistence…The Power of Persistence” 

Closing the tenth edition of IMS, the audience was treated to a personal interview with Innervisons very own Dixon. This rare public interview with BBC Radio1’s B.Traits went deep into the inner visions of this innovative artist.

The summit finished seamlessly; moving everyone’s attention from the dialogue of the conference room to the walls of UNESCO World Heritage Site Dalt Vila with a stellar b2b line up befitting such a milestone year, creating an incredible atmosphere and marking the start of what could become one of the most important Ibiza seasons ever.

IMS co-founder Ben Turner states: “More than any other year, the talks seemed to really resonate far and wide. We are in the age of transparency, and I hope people felt our speakers were being open and honest about their challenges. Its been a truly inspiring decade and this was a great way to celebrate it.”



IMS COLLEGE: A crash course in electronic music. Learn by day, party by night.
July 7-9

Summer Camp badge prices €70 for 2 days of education and 3 nights of parties



The team behind International Music Summit (IMS) Ibiza extend their global reach with the second annual IMS College – Malta (SUMMER CAMP). A curated educational initiative aimed squarely at the emerging music industry professional and next generation of artists from around the world.

Returning for the second year to the Mediterranean island of Malta on July 7-9, attendees will learn by day and party by night during the two-day, three-night program. Developed to inspire and help cultivate the next generation of business leaders and creative minds in the electronic music industry, the summer camp will provide key tools and knowledge to help develop careers, via an intensive and highly practical learning experience.

IMS College – Malta has identified four pillars of music education to help break into the industry: Performance, Production, Promotion and Publishing. From the first chord played in the studio to the final encore onstage, from launching a label to forging a career in artist management, IMS College – Malta will break down all the significant areas into a foundation master class for all that attend.   

Partnering with leading music production institute Point Blank Music School and Berklee College of Music to provide experienced instructors, masterclasses and hosts.

The aim of the IMS College series is to provide a 360-degree, face-to-face learning experience, constructed with a curated program of panels, keynotes, networking sessions and workshops from key industry figureheads from across many sectors of the electronic music industry.

In addition to his DJ performance by night, the legendary Sven Väth will provide a special and intimate Keynote Interview to give a rare insight into his extraordinary and well-celebrated career spanning over 30 years.  French techno connoisseur Agoria will bring his vast technical knowledge to a production master class with Point Blank Music School.   One of the key driving forces in thoughtful-electronic music, fellow Parisian Technasia, will bring his experiences of production, live performance and label endeavors to a keynote address. Also speaking will be Spain’s UNER, an artist known for his energy and creativity both in and out of the DJ booth.  Mia Amare will share her experiences as an up coming DJ, how she achieved millions of YouTube views and her rapid fan base growth.

IMS College – Malta will include Stuart Knight, founding partner of Toolroom Academy, who has used his extensive experience to build the Toolroom empire embracing singles, compilations, artist development, live touring and their own educational format, the Toolroom Music Academy.

Carly Hordern, of Point Blank Music School brings her discerning musical ear and background as a DJ and producer, joined by colleagues Creative Director JC Concato and Content Development Manager Ski Oakenfull in co-curating and hosting day one of the summer camp.

Berklee College of Music, from their Valencia output, will bring their expertise to a technical production workshop, led by broadcaster and label head Nacho Marco, one of the most respected DJs and prolific producers on the Spanish electronic music scene.

Attendees will also hear from Ralf Kollmann of Mobilee Records and the Associaton for Electronic Music’s CEO Mark Lawrence; whom both recently spoke passionately about the future of the electronic music industry at IMS Ibiza. Mark Brown, founder and CEO of CR2 Records, will be sharing his decades of experience and insight into how to get your music signed, heard and the inner workings of an independent record label. Also contributing is Renaat Vandepapeliere, founder of R&S Records, a true pioneer who has run one of electronic music’s foremost labels for over 37 years and has signed everybody from Aphex Twin and James Blake to Tale of Us.

There will be a host of local speakers also debating the changing landscape of Malta, its DJ culture and its new position as a leading nightlife destination with contributors Ziggy, Carl Bee, DJ Ruby and Daniel Blade.

It is not all work at IMS College – Malta throughout the weekend attendee will enjoy performances from world leading artists; beginning on Friday night with Sven Väth, the pioneering founder and figurehead behind Cocoon who will be joined by leading French DJ Agoria. Saturday brings Todd Terry, one of House music’s biggest names and one of the founding fathers of today’s sound; closing the weekend is Richy Ahmed, the talented British house music producer, Hot Creations DJ and artist of the moment.

IMS co-founder Ben Turner states “After celebrating ten years of our flagship event IMS Ibiza, now we give back to the next generation in Malta – one of the hottest emerging music destinations in the world. We are very proud of this new format and the knowledge and wisdom being shared at our second event is simply an opportunity not to be missed if electronic music is your vocation in life!”

Nicolas Spiteri from local Maltese partner 365 Entertainment Group comments: “356 Entertainment Group is looking forward to the second edition of IMS college here in Malta. Our aim is to keep pushing boundaries and putting Malta in the International map as a destination for youngsters. IMS College is the perfect platform for this”.

Highlights from the final day of IMS include James Beyersdorf discussion on finance; teaching us how to master the art of finance for artists by making, keeping and investing money. After a recent announcement that he’ll be retiring from the music industry, Jesse Rose took the stage to talk about his career as an electronic music artist and his advice to the next generation of DJs and producers. Berlin-based artist Dixon sat down with BBC Radio 1’s B.Traits to discuss his label Innervisions and topping the RA DJ poll four years in a row in a rare public interview.

Point Blank instructor Alex Phountzi (Bugz In The Attic) shared some essential techniques to inspire a more creative approach in the studio. “Harmony will help to find good melody” advises Alex Phountzi.

Andy Dean introduced Tagmix which “allows people to communicate and form a community”. It captures the music and the moment using an innovative proprietary software solution that replaces the poor quality audio recorded from smartphones at clubs, concerts and festivals with matched pro-audio direct from the mixing desk. Andy discussed the future of live music promotion.

AFEM’s Mark Lawrence presented ‘Get Played Get Paid’. Get Played Get Paid was launched in 2014 by AFEM to connect Music Recognition Technology companies to Collective Rights Management Organisations so that royalties paid by Clubs and Festivals for DJ sets could be paid to the correct artists, producers, songwriters, labels and publishers. SGAE and BMAT discussed the future in Spain.

Tristan Hunt spoke about Audiolock and the importance of anti-piracy. A future of free anti-piracy protection and enhanced royalty payments for rights holders at every level. “Remove piracy and elevate your social media pages, increase your reach and maximise sales.” Tristan Hunt.

Finance guru James Beyersdorf taught us about ‘the most important keynote you may ever hear’; the art of making, keeping and investing money. He offered real-world strategy and solutions for keeping a safe and sound financial house. “The business mind is about to monetize creativity” says James Beyersdorf.

IMS invited the globally respected DJ/producer Jesse Rose to sit down with BBC Radio 1’s B.Traits to discuss his recent announcement that he’ll be hanging up his headphones. “I’m not leaving dance music, everything that I’ve learnt on the way I want to bring back into it. It felt like a good time to retire from DJing every week” reveals Jesse. After a career spanning nearly 20 years that earned him top respect as a house music master. He’s going the best way possible by embarking on a final tour and releasing an album titled ‘Alright Mate’. Outspoken Jesse Rose shared his journey and why he is turning in his decks for a new life path to inspire the next generation.

Ibiza Voice hosted the 10th annual Ibiza debate. IMS was proud to have HEART Ibiza, Dave Browning, Hot Since 82, Johannes Goller of Cocoon, Seth Troxler and Yann Pissenem on the discussion led by Grego O’Halloran.



In memory of Mo Chaudry the IMS partners came together to honour his life’s work and the joyful character he was. He was pivotal in building Cream in Ibiza and worked at nearly every major club venue on the island as well as cultivating his private ventures.

BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong MBE joined The Martinez Brothers to talk about their headlining residency at Circololo, making waves in fashion and running their own labels Cuttin Headz and Tuskgee with Seth Troxler. On advice to budding young artists Steve Martinez Jr tells us “Once you have something on your mind, don’t let it go. Be unique, be yourself. There are a lot of copycats and there is nobody out there that can be you.”


Industry professionals including Michiel Groeneveld of Junkie XL and Rich Robinson of Warner Music discussed synchronization and monetization and the reality of getting your music placed. Also how to get noticed by some of the most influential gatekeepers in film and television.

Clubland in crisis’ was discussed and various disasters explored such as inclement weather, warehouse fires, terrorism, drug deaths, poison, bankruptcy, stages collapsing…and Fyre Festival. AFEM discussed how to prepare and avert the inevitable from happening again.


B.Traits returned for an interview with Dixon; the Berlin-based artist that has topped the Resident Advisor DJ poll 4 years in a row. He also founded the accomplished Innervisions imprint with Âme. This rare public interview went deep into the inner visions of this innovative artist.


Today’s highlights include IMS introducing MAAC (Music Against Animal Cruelty), the organisation helping save endangered wildlife through the medium of music. New Order’s Bernard Summer joined BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong MBE to discuss highlights of his multi-decade career, creating his album Technique in Ibiza and spoke out about the recent tragedy in his hometown of Manchester UK. Facebook’s Glenn Miller advised electronic artists to embrace social media’s latest technology; including Messenger bot, Facebook live and tour creation as key practices. 


Jonny White (AKA Art Department), Wade Cawood (CEO Pulse Global) and Jack Baucher (CEO Tears for Tigers) came together to introduce MAAC and discuss how they will help protect endangered wildlife through the music industry. They revealed staggering statistics – during the 3 days of IMS Ibiza over 300 Elephants will have been culled globally. Every 20 minutes, the world adds another 3,500 human lives but loses one or more entire species of animal or plant life – at least 27,000 species per year. MAAC have realised that there is an often overlooked opportunity for artists and fans who are passionate about the issue of animal rights and want to make a difference. MAAC plan to galvanize the support of the music industry—a worldwide collective of likeminded individuals who together can make a significant difference.

Communications and Strategy expert Helen Strange unveiled real strategies about how to start creative effective promotion. This included building likes and followers organically. 


Mixmag’s Global Editorial Director Nick DeCosemo talked to Media Records founder Gianfranco Bortolotti and provided the conference with an account of his 30 years in dance music, the challenges of launching the label and embracing the future. Media Records set the blueprint for modern labels way ahead of their time combining elements such as A&R and licensing highlighting the forward-thinking mentality of the label. “Our vision has always been the sound of the future.”Gianfranco Bortolotti. 

BURN Residency returned to IMS, where it was first launched, with last year’s winner Lollino rubbing shoulders with industry professionals Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Charlotte Lucy Cijffers of DJ Mag and Michael Weicker of AMM Management.Their panel looked at how to nurture the next generation.

The IMS Masterclass unveiled Facebook best practices: Facebook Live / VR / AIGlenn Miller, Patrick Walker and Scott McKenna advised essential tips and best practices for page and campaign management and successful Facebook Live Streaming, which is now driving artist page growth more than any other method. 

Jesper Skibsby introduced World Airplay Radio Monitor (WARM), the first large-scale radio airplay monitor, built solely for the purpose of giving transparency for the individual musicians.

AFEM’s Mark Lawrence moderated the IMS Ten Year Report debate, discussing how much A&R is valued today by some of the industry’s brightest music brains. From influential indies like !K7 and R&S to the big guns at Sony and Virgin, they looked back and also focused on where we go from now. A lesson in how to get signed and how to develop talent in 2017.

YGN/Buzz Jam presented a panel debating what artists and labels can do to create new and exciting product experiences both ‘off’ and ‘on’ digital platforms. 

The founding member of the iconic 80’s English band Joy Division and New Order Bernard Sumner shared his reaction on the Manchester tragedy during his talk with BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong MBE. “It breaks my heart. What a pointless act of brutality. It’s my home city.” Bernard Sumner. He also shared memories from recording one of the finest albums of 1989, Technique, on the island of Ibiza during a time when dance music was taking Balearic beat to a whole new dimension.

IMS announced this year’s Visionaries contest winner as Mich Mellard of Birmingham, UK.  Watch his video here.


SheSaid.So and Smirnoff Sound Collective joined forces to discuss how the music industry needs to address gender disparity in electronic music and how we can balance the ratio. 

Aftercluv/Universal Music Latin America’s New Business Development Director Rodrigo Frutos spoke about the major label’s commitment to electronic music representing Afterluv, a record label, artist services, media multi-platform, brand partnerships agency and lifestyle brand run by Luis Estrada from Los Angeles with offices in 9 countries.

The Break-out Session talked tax – an overview for international artists, managers, agents and promoters. PwC is one of the world’s largest network of firms offering tax and legal services. Top representatives gave the low down on International Tax Law and Intellectual Property from a practical point of view for all players of the electronic music industry. 

Aftercluv returned to discuss ‘Latin America: The Tipping Point’. For years Latin America has served as a powerhouse on the live music front hosting some of the largest crowds the world has ever seen. Now boasting a burgeoning music streaming audience, the region has begun garnering global attention on a massive scale. 

Pete Tong sat down with Masters at Work’s Kenny Dope and Louie Vega; the legendary house-garage production and remix team that redefined the way we think of music in clubs. In recent months, the underground Techno community has got closer to Masters at Work than ever before with Louie adopting Richie Hawtin’s MODEL1 mixer, and Kenny playing at HYTE in Amnesia. This talked covered illustrious careers from the Nu Yorican Soul years through to the Sound Factory Bar in New York.

Today at the 10th edition of the International Music Summit Ibiza, The Association for Electronic Music (AFEM), the global voice of the electronic music industry, announced their first phase of artist ambassadors.

Aligning with the organisations strong voice and purpose, the list includes some of electronic music’s most respected global artists, a diverse range of DJs, musicians and producers from both the mainstream and underground that represent the spectrum of the genre. Ambassadors include Black Coffee, B-Traits, Carl Craig, Nile Rodgers, Pete Tong and Seth Troxler.

The IMS 10 Annual Business report news is released. Global electronic music industries up 3% to $7.4 billion showing positive growth, pointing to healthy and successful industry. In Music Sales and Genres, Dance music sales up across all formats in the USA, now 5th most popular genre. Germany at all time high with Beatport returning to profit and techno remaining the biggest Beatport seller. Drum and Bass also experiences incredible growth, an exciting indication of a renaissance for that sound.

Today IMS founder Ben Turner and AFEM’s Mark Lawrence took the stage with a call-to-action for the next ten years of our genres of growth. Kevin Watson discussed the IMS Business Report 2017 and a look back at the last decade of the genres growth plus the all-important annual valuation of the genre for 2017 was revealed. 



Denis Doeland talked us through the digital domain as an ecosystem that connects numerous sub-ecosystems. The end game of the dance industry will be a complete automated industry whereas contextual data, bots and blockchain are the key drivers. 


Mark Lawrence invited Austen Kramer of Spotify and other industry professionals to discuss digital consumption of music in all its forms as the dominant and accepted consumption method for users and increasingly for professionals in the music industry. 

Gregor Pryor summarised ten things the electronic music scene can learn from hip-hop; including making deals like Jay Z and being as brave as Will.I.Am. 

She.Said.So’s Andreea Magdalina joined artists and industry professionals such as Agoria, Louisahhh, Monki to talk in depth about the very prominent ‘Health VS Hedonism’ topic. The panel discussed training your brain to stay present to deal with psychological stress, and how to not burn out when on the road touring. 

Health Headonism

Austin Kramer of Spotify conducted a masterclass on how to successfully drive plays on Spotify via playlists and charts, the most galvanizing way to break new music in 2017. 

Nick DC of Mixmag spoke to The Black Madonna about the road into her music career, and the prejudices that women face within all industries. “Stop debating it, it’s not a debatable fact, it’s like climate change, it’s like evolution. Even debating this topic…we are so far past that” The Black Madonna. 

Grego O’Halloran of Ibiza Voice met the Arnau Family AKA team elrow. They have been throwing incredible parties for six generations, and elrow have become a global reference in the field of circus inspired parties with quality dance music, unimaginable scenarios and outlandish characters. 


Ben Turner talked to Resident Advisor co-founders Nick Sabine and Paul Clement. RA is most influential editorial platform for left-of-centre electronic music, and they discussed their success story.

Download the Business Report Here

International Music Summit today released the annual IMS Business Report, an in-depth economic study of the Electronic Music Industry, covering all aspects of the genre.

Delivered directly to the key leaders in the music industry here at IMS Ibiza, Kevin Watson, author of the annual business report has clearly shown positive indicators for the industry as a whole.

Some of the main points included:

In Music Sales and Genres, Dance music sales up across all formats in the USA, now 5th most popular genre. Germany at all time high with Beatport returning to profit and techno remaining the biggest Beatport seller. Drum and Bass also experiences incredible growth, an exciting indication of a renaissance for that sound.

•    12 Billion electronic music streams a month on Spotify.

DJs and Live Acts.  Forbes electronic cash kings survey fell by 1% in the last year with top DJ earnings down however with lower ranking DJs growing their revenue streams.

New evidence of trends within social media were clear with many of most popular DJs growing their followers considerably faster on Instagram than Facebook at an astonishing 11x the rate, suggesting DJs are making the most impact on Instagram.

Chart topping electronic act, The Chainsmokers have grown their socials massively over the last year adding 28K followers a day. 

•    Gender diversity remains a key focus with study of festival line-ups showing only 17% of artist to be female.

•  In clubs and festivals Latin America is showing a growth in dance music events and festivals plus huge growth in total music sales.

The IMS Business report also took a view on the industry over the last 12 months highlighting Ministry Of Sound Recordings & Sony merger + Pacha acquired by Trilantic for Euro 350 million. Other players entering market with great investment.

•  Clubbing brand Elrow is set for most successful year ever after investment from Superstruct Entertainment, with their biggest UK event planned at Olympic Park London for 2017.

•   Dance Music is at forefront of technology trends with VR, virtual festivals, livestreaming and live streaming in 360.

•   IMS’s decade in the industry shows dance has grown as a genre over the last 10 years, with 25x more tracks available for you to buy on Beatport since 2007.

•   A decade ago Nielsen did not report dance as a separate genre in the USA now it has achieved 5% share of total tracks.

•  DJ Mag data shows and average age of most popular djs now lower than a decade ago and three biggest events have quintupled capacity since 2008.

•  DJ gear sales have grown at 2x rate of that of guitars in the US, with Pioneer expected to sell more than 4 million units in 2017, 3x more than 10 years ago.